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Electronic Arts Declares Buffalo Co-MAC East Champion

David Fluellen is the only man standing between me and my 15th consecutive MAC Championship as coach of Buffalo
David Fluellen is the only man standing between me and my 15th consecutive MAC Championship as coach of Buffalo
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

NCAA Football '14 Team Rankings Reportedly Revealed

Your Virtual MAC Champion:Toledo Rockets (81)

With the #1 defense in the MAC (78) and #2 Offense in the MAC (84) Toledo is EA's favorite.

EA Note: We stopped watching Toledo around Halloween.

Your Peloton: Ohio, NIU, Buffalo, Ball State (79)

Ball State has the #1 offense in the MAC (86) which makes no sense as they could only score 23 in a 12 point loss at home vs NIU.

EA Note: That red team in the MAC that stole Bob Stoops parking spot?...BALL STATE yea that's it...

NIU has the #1 defense in the MAC (78) despite allowing 40 points to Army.

EA Note: They held the awesome offensive power of Iowa to 18 points best defense in the nation!

Ohio has the same offensive rating as NIU (79) and is 2 points worse on defense (76), yet have the same rating.

EA Note: Solich = 2 points (offer not valid in 1984 Orange Bowl)

Buffalo also has the #1 defense in the conference (78) tied with NIU despite losing to NIU 45-3.

EA Note: We ran out of time so we just input the Buffalo Bills roster from Madden '13

Interchangable Goodish MAC Teams: Kent State, BGSU (74)

Kent State has the #6 offense (74) despite human angry bird Dri Archer, Bowling Green is the #5 defense (75) despite being the consensus #1 defense in the MAC last year.

EA Note: Tuesday is poker night, can't watch Tuesday Night Football

Interchangable Former Glory Teams: WMU, CMU, MIAMI (72)

They were all pretty bad because they all lost to Buffalo, except CMU which is hurt because they won the Temple award for Bowl Game appearance by MAC team that never beat a team with a winning record.

EA Note: mmmm Fire Up Chips with Philly cheese-steak toppings

Somewhere between Old Dominion and Georgia State: EMU, Akron, UMass

Georgia State Football did not exist in 2012, therefore, they are only 1 point below UMass a team (61) that existed since 1879.

EA Note: History, smistory.

Akron (63) lost to UMass so naturally, they are 2 points better than UMass

EA Note: They are coached by Bobby Bowden that has to count for something, right?

EMU (65) is ranked lower than Old Dominion a team that lost to Georgia Southern in the FCS Quarterfinals in 2012.

EA Note: Spent EMU ranking scouting budget on $5000 skydive with Coach English session.