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Jeff Quinn: Make Me Run

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

I've taken my shots at Jeff Quinn, to summarize:

A) I was solidly on team Gill so any new guy would be hard to win me over.

B) After Gill I was solidly on team hire from within, so...

C) Losses

D) Can't cut him now recruiting and do we really want 3 more years of new rebuild? I don't

E) But there is hope the 2011 Ohio Game! (such resilience, such firepower, so beautiful)

F) But then again the freaking 2012 UCONN game ughh (OMG really? we gonna let the QB just stand in the pocket for 10 seconds a play, not like we have 2 or 3 monsters in our front 7..oh wait we do? /dies)

G) Dat playcalling in the 2011 Pitt game tho (was amazing, but doesn't work if you drop the ball)

H) Why are we playing Licata just let Z develop

I) Ok then, why didn't we play Licata earlier

J) currently - You better perform, MACCG or bust

So I've done a lot of talking from the safety of a few thousand miles and a keyboard. Quinn as an upstanding midwestern man and fine Head Coach would never lash out at me, but in an effort at fairness I'm giving him a chance for revenge.

I call it: Jeff Quinn Makes Me Run, the premise is simple. For every UB point scored this season, I will run a mile. I will also run a mile for every point in our margin of victory. When If we lose, I'll bike a mile for each point we fell by.

Didn't appreciate being named a goat after every loss last year? Then drop 50 on Ohio State, even if we lose I'll be too tired to write any snark. Don't like the Jeff Quinn's playbook? Then call a play that makes me run. Didn't find this welcome letter funny? Then welcome me to pain by dropping 70 on Ohio.

In addition since I'm particularly out of shape right now, I will start with the 12 weeks leading up to the 2013 season using last year's game results and I'll put the schedule here so you can run with me. I'll take photo proof on twitter with the hashtag #JeffQuinnMadeMeRun so you can follow my progress @conradmostiller or join in on the fun.

Week Begins Week Ends Days Opponent UB Score MOV MOL Run Miles Bike Miles
Sunday 9-Jun Friday 14-Jun 6 Georgia 23
22 23 22
Sunday 16-Jun Friday 21-Jun 6 Morgan St 56 22
78 0
Sunday 23-Jun Friday 28-Jun 6 Kent State 7
16 7 16
Sunday 30-Jun Friday 5-Jul 6 UConn 17
7 17 7
Sunday 7-Jul Friday 12-Jul 6 Ohio 31
7 31 7
Sunday 14-Jul Friday 19-Jul 6 NIU 3
42 3 42
Sunday 21-Jul Friday 26-Jul 6 Pitt 6
14 6 14
Sunday 28-Jul Friday 2-Aug 6 Toledo 20
5 20 5
Sunday 4-Aug Friday 9-Aug 6 Miami 27 3
30 0
Sunday 11-Aug Friday 16-Aug 6 WMU 29 5
34 0
Sunday 18-Aug Friday 23-Aug 6 UMass 29 10
39 0
Sunday 25-Aug Friday 30-Aug 6 BGSU 7
14 7 14
Sunday 1-Sep Friday 6-Sep 6 Ohio St

sunday 8-Sep Friday 13-Sep 6 Baylor

Sunday 15-Sep Friday 27-Sep 13 Stony Brook

Sunday 29-Sep Friday 4-Oct 6 UConn

Sunday 6-Oct Friday 11-Oct 6 EMU

Sunday 13-Oct Friday 18-Oct 6 WMU

Sunday 20-Oct Friday 25-Oct 6 UMass

Sunday 27-Oct Monday 4-Nov 9 Kent State

Wed 6-Nov Monday 11-Nov 6 Ohio

Wed 13-Nov Monday 18-Nov 6 Toledo

Wed 20-Nov Wed 27-Nov 8 Miami

Saturday 30-Nov Friday 6-Dec 7 BGSU


255 40 127 295 127