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Thank you UB Baseball!

Nothing substantive here, there will be time for that later

Thank you UB baseball for giving Buffalo fans two more months of entertaining sports than they would have had without you. This was a fantastic program defining season, hopefully the first of many for the Bulls.

No longer a punching bag or a curiosity UB showed that despite vast disadvantages in institutional support they can field not only a competitive team in the MAC but one that can beat anyone in the conference. Record after record fell, not just "since reinstatement" records but all time records.

An all MAC team brimming with Bulls, a coach of the year, second seed team. Who would have believed it back in February.

I've never been too keen on baseball here at Bull Run. Growing up in Buffalo it's Football, Hockey, .... Then everything else.Over the four years this site has been up I have come to love hoops at first because I needed something to do and then because I learned to enjoy the game.

Now the same thing has happened with Baseball. In future years I hope to continue covering the team, thanks readers for following along and now it's time to start getting ready for football.