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MAC Baseball Power Rankings

Rank PVS Team LW REC* Comment
1 1 Miami 2-1 Akr 7-2 Akron squeaked one out from Miami on Sunday and in doing so they gave UB and Kent a mulligan on this weeks round of games. Next up is "the clash of the titans" as Kent and Miami will play three next weekend.
2 2 Kent 2-1 OU 6-3 Kent just keeps winning their series against other MAC teams. The preseason favorite has a chance to assert themselves this week when they go to Miami. A series win would tie them for first in the conference, a sweep would put them alone in first unless UB sweeps EMU.
3 3 NIU 2-1 CMU 6-3 NIU continues to rely on their pitching and for the most part that pitching is still coming through. The will take on Western Michigan where a series win could give them some breathing room in the west.
4 4 UB 2-1 Tol 6-3 Buffalo surprisingly keeps lurking near the top of the east. If the Bulls can sweep EMU this week they have a very good chance of being on top of the division after Miami and Kent get through beating each other up.
5 5 WMU 1-2 BSU 5-4 Ball State knocked WMU off the pace in the West as the completely shut down WMU's batter s in games two and three of their series. WMU now has a key series against West leading NIU
6 6 Toledo 1-2 UB 4-5 It took the rockets two games to start playing their brand of baseball against Buffalo but it was devastating once they got small ball working. Big Rivalry week coming up against BGSU.
7 7 BSU 2-1 WMU 4-5 Ball State stole a series from Western Michigan and in doing so really tightened the West. There are just two games between the cards and NIU meaning WMU, BSU, EMU, and Toledo are all within striking distance.
8 9 Akron 1-2 Mia 3-6 They get a bump for stealing one away from Miami in that amazing Sunday slug fest! Their next MAC series is against Ohio so the Zips might try to make a move.
9 8 BGSU 2-1 EMU 4-5 The Falcons put away EMU to separate themselves out from the bottom tier of the conference next up… Toledo
10 10 CMU 1-2 NIU 3-6 Can't really ding the chips for going 2-1 against NIU but it is getting might crowded ahead of them in the west.
11 12 Ohio 1-2 Kent 3-6 Ohio is getting good press over at Hustle Belt. Like several MAC teams they are trying to step out of the role of doormat. Taking one from Kent is a good start!
12 11 EMU 1-2 BGSU 3-6 EMU get's to host the surprising Bulls this week after letting a series slip away against Bowling Green. After playing well against Ohio and Bowling Green they get their second crack at the upper tier of the East.