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Bobby Hurley Talking up North... Eh!

Once he gets his passport in order Hurley says he plans on spending time in Toronto.

The nice thing about UB's proximity to Toronto is that we have one of North America's best metropolitan areas just an hour and ahalf or so away from Campus and there is no NCAA teams there to fight with. It would be very disingenious to say Toronto is "Bulls Turf" but UB can certainly make headway there if Bobby Hurley has his way.

Hurley took to the air to talk to TSN's Mike Richards late last week.


The interview followed the normal Bobby Hurley interview format... Talk about your dad, talk about Duke, mention Buffalo.

Hurley talked how about the loyalty showed his father has demonstrated by staying at the same school, in the same city for decades. It has, according to coach, taught him the importance of relationships and mentorship with the players. This was one thing which Buffalo had under Witherspoon and will hopefully maintain under Hurley

When asked about what kind of game he is going to play Hurley talked about a fast paced attack but with the patience to pull out.

Some time was also spent talking talking about recruiting in Canada. UB has already dipped their toes in the pool and now Hurley says he will have a big focus on Toronto, once he gets his passport renewed.