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MAC Baseball Power Rankings

Something we will try here every other week, let me know what you guys think..

Rank PVS Team Comment
1 - Miami The Redhawks bats are currently the best in the MAC putting up 42 Runs during just six conference games. If Miami continues to bat like this they will give Kent a run for their money this year.
2 - Kent Since conference play opened up Kent is second best batting team, second best pitching team. The Flashes are shaking off a tough but still disappointing out of conference slate and are hitting form at just the right time.
3 - NIU Individually they have some good batters but NIU has scor4ed 26 runs, more than just four teams. The secret to their success? Eli Anderson and the best pitching staff in the MAC.
4 - UB Nobody expected Buffalo to be a factor at all this season and there is still a long way to go but… UB is on pace for their best season since Joining the MAC. If the win this weeks series they will already have more conference wins than 6 of their 11 seasons.
5 - WMU The Bronco's lost a heartbreaker to Buffalo in the thrid game of their series last week. But they are still on pace with NIU a top the west.
6 - Toledo Until the Rockets get consistent pitching they won't be a part of any division race. They are giving up more than 5 runs a game, ahead of only EMU
7 - Ball State Drawing Kent can mess with anyones averages so BSU's record right now should not be too huge a concern, they have a chance to show the West something this week against WMU but they have to clean up their conference worst fielding.
8 - BGSU Bowling Green has sever nice options when it comes to closing games, now they hjust have to start getting through the middle innings in a position to win.
9 - Akron Akron is flirting with Mendoza. A 205 batting average agaist the MAC is hanging their pitchers out to dry and their bull pen is not helping matters
10 - CMU CMU is batting below the Mendoza line, and when they go down they go down swinging with 52 strikeouts in six conference games… Their Pitchers have been stingy enough to help them pick up two wins but unless they start providing run support soon making the MAC tournament might not be possible.
11 - EMU EMU is giving up more runs, hits, and earned runs than anyone in the conference. Their pitchting woes are amplified by a fielding percent near the bottom of the MAC. Daniel Russell and the batters do ok but not weel enough to compensate
12 - Ohio Pick a stat, any stat, and OU is probabally near the bottom of the conference.