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Talking Bull - They need a new athletic building at Akron

Akron has had a rash of Athletes behaving badly over the past few years but this time it might really bite them in the rear.

One look at Infocision stadium and you know that Akron is trying, and I mean really trying to do things bigger and better than the rest of the conference. Where Toledo might get in trouble for APR or points shaving Akron bring in Guns, muggins, and now drug peddling.

Alex Abreu Arrested for Marijuana Trafficking, Suspended By Team - Hustle Belt
Is this the best Akron basketball team ever? We may never find out as the glue which held together this wonderful Zips team is in jail for trafficking marijuana.

Akron is perhaps the best team the MAC has seen in some years but without Abreu teams will be lining up to try and get on that side of the bracket in Cleveland. (If UB wins tonight I believe they get the 5 seed)

All teams, like all colleges and communities, have their fair share of issues. For some reason Akron seems to have more serious issues pop up. They are still choir boys compared to some of the more leanent college programs but in the MAC they are starting to stand out.

For example. Akron had someone arrested for Dealing Drugs... Ohio? well their stars just steal signs.

Cooper attempts to steal sign from UB’s student section - Sports - The Spectrum - The University of Buffalo
"Somebody pushed past the girls and walked over to the D.J. Cooper poster, which was sitting along the bleachers," Herendeen said. "We realized it was him, and he grabbed it and basically said something along the lines of: ‘I’m taking this s**t.’ "He was just swearing as he stormed off with it. He gave us the middle finger, visibly upset about it."

Cooper is a great player but he lets people under his skin far too easily. I was inclined to believe the accusation that he threatened to Gack someone was just crap. But after a big emotional win, where he was the hero, he picks a fight with opposing fans?

That screams little man syndrome.

Mountain West Making Big East Money!

Mountain West Conference closing in on 7-year rights deal with ESPN, according to sources - ESPN
The deal brings the total value of the Mountain West's media rights deal, including its existing deal with CBS Sports Network, up to about $116 million, or $18 million annually, sources said.

Was there any doubt Boise made the right decision? Playing teams in their region for about the same amount of cash as they would get for schlepping themselves to Tulane?

But I guess we should stop calling it the Big East..

Big East eyes 'America 12' as new conference name for football schools, sources say - ESPN
The "America 12 Conference" is the favorite to become the new name of the current Big East Conference's football schools, league sources told ESPN.

Really? Are you kidding me? The A-12 conference? Has realignment taught you Noting?

In two years you could be down to 9, or up to 16. If you're the Big10 you can get away with it because you were at 10 forever. If you're the Big12 you can get away with it because, well you're rich. But mid majors should avoid numbers in their conference names, or have a stack of coupons for free stationary so that you can change the name often.

But how much longer will football be around?

Football's brain injury problem: There's more to it than just concussions -
If these researchers have in fact found an early-warning system for brain damage in athletes, and football players especially, it's something that could save lives. It's also something that may further call into question the safety of football and threaten its long-term vitality. What we've learned in recent years is that there is essentially no way around head injuries for football players - big hits make headlines, but the subconcussive damage adds up, and no football player avoids those subconcussive hits.

Having read a lot of news papers from the late 1800's I can tell you football today is far safer than it was 100 years ago. We also live in a world with Boxing and mixed martial arts. If these studies effect anything it might be pee-wee football.

Around Buffalo

Buffalo Sabres Having Trouble Closing Out Games - Die By The Blade
The Sabres don't seem to be able to hold on to a lead and win in regulation these days. That's going to make it very tough to climb back into the Eastern Conference playoff race.

Mike Mayock Rankings: E.J. Manuel Moving Up In 2013 NFL Draft - Buffalo Rumblings
As further proof that this year's muddled crop of rookie quarterbacks is differentiated by individual taste, Mike Mayock rates Florida State's E.J. Manuel as the second-best prospect of the lot.