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Some More Coaching Names

Nick Mendola, UB Alumn and Buffalo Sports Guy extraordinaire says:

In the coming days, a lot of names will be bandied about, including a White family member. Michael White is the 2-year head coach at Louisiana Tech, currently 26-6 presently and 44-22 since he took over the reins. From speaking to some connects in the college coaching game, another name sure to be linked with the opening will be Ohio State assistant Jeff Boals, who has plenty of MAC experience and from what I understand will be sought after for plenty of jobs including the current opening at Ball State.

Michael White:

Michael white is a great coach but this could be a very, very bad move for Daniel White to make. White just released a coach so beloved by the Buffalo fan base that 14 seasons with not Championship was not enough to make the dismissal a popular move. Certain factions of the fan base saw a lot of faith in white go up in smoke over this and if he were to hire family to take the job it could upset even more.

Then you get to the uncomfortable question of "What if". What if the team does not become world beaters in the conference and stays where they are? Consistently good but not quite good enough. That would be a really uncomfortable place to be.

On the flip side putting the family thing aside it would be a great hire and if there was a MAC Championship in the next few years all would be forgiven.

Jeff Boals:

Boals was a two-year captain for Ohio and helped guide OU to the 1994 MAC tournament and regular-season championships. He has bounced around as a coach but always as an assistant. That's about the only detractor and it's why Nick Mendola is correct in saying he up for a lot of jobs.

One more from UB Fan (via squire17)

Kevin Kuwik:

Very very dark horse but one with a couple of hooks that make him interesting.

He is from Lackawana New York and, like our Athletic Director was involved with the hoops program at Notre Dame. Most recently he has worked as an assistant at Dayton. He also ahs worked at Ohio State as the Buckeye's video coordinator. He also was the Director of Basketball Operations at Butler.

Kuwik brings some MAC experience as a full-time assistant at Ohio University from 2001-08. During his time in Athens, the Bobcats were 120-95 with two post-season appearances. But got his startin 1998 at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tenn.

No head coaching experience but being from the Area and the success of his teams while he was an assistant might make this something that could happen.