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Danny White's Big Gamble

In 1996 1994 the Buffalo Bills lost their fouth straight Super Bowl. Getting so close year after year and falling just short weighed heavily on the organization so they took bold action. They fired Bill Polian! (There were other reasons given but it's my blog so Ill call scapegoat)

That decision has not exactly worked out well for Buffalo. The Bills had been pulling in solid personnel via good drafting and screwed decisions for almost a decade. Since then they have been a program which is once again golfing every January.

Sometimes you have the right guy in place but fate keeps you from winning championships. It could be a field goal that goes a half dozen feet wide right or a fluke tip in during overtime. It happens, and unfortunately it happens to some teams more often than others. And to Reggie Witherspoons Bull's it happened all the time.

So while Danny White passed on the passed until the river when it came to the UB football team during football season he went all in straight off the flop for hoops. He is gambling by risking a coach who has led the Bulls to some of the best seasons in their history, certainly as a dynasty 2004-2012 stands apart from all but a select few periods over the past century.

When you go all in one of two things happens. You win Big or you're done and believe it or not that could very well be whats at stake here. By pulling the trigger on this before 2013 you take responsibility for next season. A season when UB will return the vast majority of its power while conference mates including Akron and Kent will all be stung by huge losses due to graduation.

This move costs White a lot of good will with parts of the fan base, and bought him some from some others. The only thing that will satisfy both is a MAC Championship and an invitation to the dance.