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Bull Run List of Potential Coaching Candidates

3 Quick Names Pulled out of the air!

One name from Tsuj, one from UB Fan, and one that I picked. None of these names really mean anything at this point. Danny White has enough connections that UB's next coach could come from anywhere.

Turner Battle

  • Last Experience - Assistant at UB for 7 years

This was also mentioned by Tsuj at

Don't laugh UB's last coaching move saw the University go to ECC to pick up a former ball boy and part time High School coach. You know what, that moved worked out pretty well. Coach Battle is just as connected to the University having played for the Bulls during the Witherspoon years and being on staff since 2007.

He know the existing system and he knows the players in it. Next year UB returns a ton of talent in what could be a watershed moment for the program. The selection of Coach Battle to follow up his mentor could also smooth things over with a portion of the fan base which finds the timing of Coach Witherspoon's dismissal curious.

The down side is that Battle has zero head coaching experience and would prevent Danny White from putting his own stamp on the program.

Seth Greenberg

  • Last Experience - Head Coach at Virginia Tech

Bull Run Original - Just me looking around

Greenberg is an interesting choice. An older established and accomplished coach who hails from New York City played his college ball from Fairleigh Dickinson in New Jersey.

Most recently he coached for the Virginia Tech Hokies men's basketball team. In 2004–05, earning the team a first-round bye in the ACC Tournament and their first post-season tournament appearance since 1996 with a trip to the National Invitation Tournament (NIT).

He never took the Hookies to the dance but he twice took Long Beach State to the dace back in the mid 90's. He brings experience as a head coach in California, South Florida, and Virginia.

The down side might be his interest and, if he is interested, the potential price tag.

Cliff Warren

  • Last Experience - Current Head Coach at Jacksonville

Saw this pop up on UB fan and it seems completely out of left field.

Warren played for Mount St. Mary's University from 1986 to 1990. WHe finished his career ranked in the top five in assists and top 50 in scoring in the school record book. Warren returned to his alma mater in 1994 to take his first coaching job as an assistant under Jim Phelan.

Warren then served from 1997 to 2000 as an assistant at Siena under Paul Hewitt. Warren spent five years under Paul Hewitt at Georgia Tech. Warren was a part of the coaching staff that led the Yellow Jackets to the 2004 national championship game, losing to UConn.

Warren was hired as head basketball coach at Jacksonville University in 2005. He's won the conference regualr title a few times but never broken through in the Atlantic Sun conference tournament. As a result he has never taken his team to the NCAA tournament.

On a positive note he is active in the U-19 world of coaching, something that does help with recruiting. Warren was an assistant coach for Team USA at the 2011 FIBA Under-19 World Championship.

Seems like a less established Reggie Witherspoon.

Dino Gaudio

  • Last Experience - Wake Forest

Tossed around by some ESPN commentators, because well Gaudio is one...

Gaudio was an assistant to his, Skip Prosser, who died suddenly in July 2007. Gaudio's association with Prosser began in 1981 when he was an assistant coach at Central Catholic High School while Prosser was head coach.

Had a good run with Wake Forest going 44-18 in his last two seasons and danced both years. But standards are higher than that so he was let go.