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Director Whites Statement on Witherspoon

BUFFALO, NY (UBAthletics) - University at Buffalo Director of Athletics Danny White has announced today that Reggie Witherspoon will not be returning as head men’s basketball coach for the Bulls next season.

"After much consideration, we have determined that a change in leadership for our men’s basketball program is necessary," White said. "Coach Witherspoon has led this program with character and integrity for the past 14 years and we are grateful for his service to our institution. This was a very difficult decision because I understand the impact Coach Witherspoon has made to our University and community. To be sure, our program is in a much stronger position than when Reggie and his staff took over."

As for me all I can say is thank you Coach. In all but one way you did a perfect job at Buffalo and we were lucky to have you. Before Warde Manual, before Turner Gill you were making UB respectable in the MAC and there is little we can do to properly thank you for it.

There were times we screamed for this but now that it's happened we will all look back and see Witherspoon for what he was. Just the right guy to start UB's entry back into division one athletics at a really competitive level.