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NCAA Recruiting Update - Buffalo Bulls Update

Still no commits but there is a little news.

Stock Image from our friends at Scouting Ohio
Stock Image from our friends at Scouting Ohio

The only Major development is that A.J. Long has committed to Syracuse. Buffalo had been under consideration but in the end Long is going to try to run the offense with the Orangemen.

I had a chance to talk to a couple of the Juniors who attended UB's "Junior Day" a couple of weeks ago and they all felt that it was a well run show. The department reveled some of their near team campus and athletics development plans with the roughly 200 recruits and the presentation was pretty well received..

When I asked about the impressions of the vision one recruit simply answered "Yes they showed them to us too and they looked awesome".

It also helped that they were there the weekend when UB destroyed Akron's undefeated streak, many recruits were at the game and got to see True Blue and the students show up in force. All in all recruits seemed to walk away with the perception that UB was ready to take the next step to become one of the consistently strong programs in the MAC.

With 200 Juniors visiting I am sure that there are more than 26 offers out there but so far the recruiting sites only list these prospects.

Player Pos 247 ESPN Scout Rivals
Justin Noye ATH NR X *** NR
Kaleb Harris ATH X
Antoine Stone CB NR NR
Trevahn Beery CB NR X NR
Elisha Shaw DT 97 X
Cody Callaway DUAL NR X NR NR
Detric Dukes ILB 88 *** NR
Dorian Hendrix ILB 87 X NR
Kevin Mouhon ILB 93 ***
Jacquis Webb OG NR
Verondtae Wilkinson OLB 92 X ***
Alex Conley OT X
Damian Prince OT 98 X ****
Joey Duckworth PRO NR X *** NR
John Lovett PRO NR X NR NR
Michael O'Connor PRO 87 X ****
Ramroth Finnegan QB NR
Naesean Howard RB NR X ***
Qadree Ollison RB 87 X *** NR
Dominick Sanders S 84 X NR
Jalen Williams S NR *** NR
Joe Henderson WDE 90 X
Kaleb Harris WE NR
Dorian Baker WR 84 *** NR
Nolan Jackson-Daniel WR NR X NR
Odell Spencer WR 84 X NR NR

There is much more of an emphasis on quarterbacks this year than there was last season but it's still a very typical Jeff Quinn wish list. Quinn is targeting several players for each unit on the team hoping to make sure UB is never too down at any one spot because of graduation.