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Talking Bull: The Big 10 ditches FCS games, should the MAC?

While they still might allow MACrifice the Big10 is done slumming it against FCS schools. This is very good news for the Mid-American Conference. The MAC should follow suit by deciding to forgo playing lower division schools.

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Scenes like this won't be happening in the B1G for much longer
Scenes like this won't be happening in the B1G for much longer
Tom Lynn

Semi big from from Barry Alverz of the Wisconsin Athletic department.

Barry Alvarez: Big Ten agrees no more FCS opponents - JSOnline
Speaking on his monthly radio show Tuesday night, Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez shared a nugget of information that should cheer football fans who long for better nonleague games. According to Alvarez, Big Ten officials recently agreed to stop scheduling nonconference games against FCS programs.

With Rutgers and Maryland joining go to a nine the Big10 there have been murmings that the conference might go to a nine game game schedule and there are fears such a move could squeeze out the few games the MAC gets against their upscale neighbor.

Buffalo has two games coming up against Big10 teams (Ohio State 2013, Penn State 2016). The worrisome part for Buffalo is that Penn State is one of only a few Big10 schools with no FCS gams on their schedule.

Barry Alvarez: Big Ten Teams To No Longer Schedule FCS Opponents In Non-Conference - Black Shoe Diaries
In addition to Penn State, only Ohio State and Wisconsin also have only FBS schools scheduled in their non-conference slates in 2014 according to

So should the MAC swear off the cupcakes? It's been a topic of discussion among fans for quite some time but to the best of my knowledge the Big10 is the only conference to pull the trigger on such a decision.

Ever really regret a bad business decision

Report: NBC Sports Network closing in on TV deal with Big East -
he Big East -- before the defections of Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Louisville and the Catholic Seven, and the reneging on agreements to join from TCU, Boise State and San Diego State -- rejected a TV contract from ESPN that would have netted $155 million per year over a decade.

If this holds West Virginia will make more money in the Big12 than the entire BigEast conference pulls in from TV revenue. they are now looking at a 90% reduction between their last offer from ESPN and the current offer.