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Talking Bull - Holy Toledo! Deadspin does it again!

Deadspin causes more dinosaur monocles to fall with another huge story!


It does not have the nation wide audience of the phantom dead girlfriend but Deadspin's most recent article about a scandal being kept on the down low makes up for that with its salaciousness.

"I'm Down For Drinks, Laughs, Sex": The Sexual Harassment Claims That Brought Down Toledo's Running Coach
Deadspin has obtained text messages sent to Andrea over the past five months from Hadsell's phone. They range in tone from the flirty to the frankly sexual, growing obsessive and paranoid as he learns of the university's investigation; until the very end, it seems, he was unaware that it was Andrea who had turned him in.

A long term coach, beloved by his fanbase, was allegedly drinking and sexing it up with his female runners over the course of years. One runner went to the university who after several iterations of complaints quietly dismissed the coach.

It's a sick read into a very abusive man.

UB Gets an office linebacker

Arthur Moats: UB’s Office Linebacker - Buffalo Athletics
With the Bills entering the offseason, Moats will be spending the 2013 Spring semester floating around to different aspects of the University at Buffalo athletic department, hoping to explore possible interests that he can pursue after his pro football days are over.

The question is does he look enough like any of the other defensive linem..... naaa

SEC being the SEC

Fulmer cup time? Roll Tide Roll!

4 Alabama players arrested: Robbery, credit card fraud charged -
Four members of the Alabama football team were arrested on Monday on charges of robbery and credit card fraud. The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office lists linebacker Tyler Hayes, defensive lineman D.J. Pettway, and defensive back Eddie Williams as jailed for robbery. Williams was also detained with fraudulent use of debit/credit card, along with running back Brett Calloway. has the details, including the following:

Hustlebelt hates stargazing

The Recruiting WAR - Hustle Belt
Statistics without context are just numbers. As Dave Cameron at FanGraphs noted, WAR is a good way to begin arguments, not end them. And this is the case for all numbers. As this relates to recruiting classes: did Toledo really have the best recruiting class by virtue of them bringing in players with the most stars? Because two-star recruits, as we've witnessed this year, are. Pretty. Damn. Good. Other times, a committed four-star recruit may never play a down for the team.