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Best Time To Be Next Bull In: 81-90


Depressions are Depressing: Seasons 81-90

#90 Entered 1974. Graduated 1978: The 1973-75 recession: These students had no football, until their senior year, where Buffalo football went 0-3. Basketball was left alone to shine, they didn't.

#89 Entered 1990. Graduated 1994: The Early 1990's recession: Generation X only had X wins (in Roman Numerals) in 4 years of football. They experienced wildly inconsistent basketball, but finished with an 18-10 team.

#88 Entered 1943. Graduated 1947: World War II: War meant no sports during the first 2 years for this class, but they graduated with a 7-2 football team and a 12-5 basketball team.

#87 Entered 1937. Graduated 1941: Recession of 1937: Weird year of Football but no basketball, as Juniors, had to experience a winless football team and a 1 win basketball team.

#86 Entered 1973. Graduated 1977: 1973-75 Recession: No football their entire career, and 4 years of basketball without a winning record.

#85 Entered 1932. Graduated 1936: Great depression: Good basketball and bad football turned to bad everything, culminating with a 0-13 basketball season during these students senior year.

#84 Entered 1991. Graduated 1995: Early 1990's recession: One winning season their entire career, a 18-10 basketball season during their senior year.

#83 Entered 1976. Graduated 1980: 1973-75 recession, 1980 recession: Also only one winning season basketball during their senior year. These students were around to see football return and show signs of life, going 4-5.

#82 Entered 1936. Graduated 1940: Recession of 1937: Good football went bad, 9-7 the first 2 years, 2-13 the final 2 years.

#81 Entered 1933. Graduated 1937: Great Depression: 12 basketball wins, 11 wins, of course back in the 30's, 23 wins got you much more than today...

Unsung Heroes:

Football: Alexander Aversano '34-35. 4-10-1 during those years, but still a Hall of Fame QB.

Basketball: Sam Pellom '74-78. Despite a 29-72 record, Pellom is one of the greatest Bulls of all time. 6th in Points with 1403, 2nd in field goals made with 603, and 1st in rebounds and blocks with 1297 and 375 respectively.