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Bowling Green knocks NIU from the BCS

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NIU's loss to Bowling Green will cost the conference eight million dollars and will cost some unfortunate MAC school a bowl game. It also has removed any chance that Jordan Lynch had at pulling an upset in the Heisman race.

The conference is back to having only four guaranteed bowls. There is a decent change that they place five but should they not then Buffalo or Toledo will be sitting at home this off season. The loss pretty much guarantees that the Ohio Bobcats who finished the season 7-5 will not make a bowl game.

Unlike the last time a MAC East team knocked off an undefeated MAC West Champion this game the BCS picture. Many of the teams playing tomorrow will be playing for the spot which was vacated by the Huskies.

The eight million dollar loss will hit everyone across the conference.

What MAC AD’s thought they would be doing with their BCS payoff

What Bowling Green is doing to their BCS payoff