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Notre Dame accepts Pinstripe bowl bid

Jason Szenes

Well that ends one dream..

Notre Dame accepts bid to the Pinstripe Bowl -
Notre Dame is headed to the Pinstripe Bowl after an 8-4 regular season, sources have confirmed to CBS Sports' Jeremy Fowler. According to Fowler, Notre Dame has notified the appropriate parties that the school will not negotiate with any other bowls.

In recent days there were rumors that the Irish wanted a warm weather bowl the leading candidates were the Poinsettia or Hawaii bowl games. Both of those games are contracted to other conferences where as Notre Dame was holding an bid to the Pin Stripe.

So if ND wanted one of those bowls it was possible that they would trade the pinstripe in a four way deal between themselves, the Pin Stripe, their destination bowl and one of the conferences from they end bowl. Buffalo, being in New Era's pocket, was a natural selection for the "New Era Pinstripe Bowl".

Unfortunately Brian Kelley decided to take his team the the Big Apple.

So where does this leave Buffalo?

It depends on how NIU does today. If the Huskies win I am 99.999% sure UB witll be in a bowl and I suspect it's the Poinsettia bowl based on the chatter coming from the San Diego media.