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Buffalo Head Coach Jeff Quinn to Notre Dame?

One Notre Dame blog sees the Buffalo Coach as a top candidate to replace former Offensive Coordinator Chuck Martin

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This week in Fun With Google Alerts, Other Bloggers, and Finding Whatever You Want to Fit Your Agenda on the Internet!:

A Notre Dame blogger at Slap the Sign, a FanSided site, is already looking at possible replacements for Chuck Martin, who has left his position as Offensive Coordinator for Notre Dame to lead the Miami Redhawks back to a couple wins and MAC respectability.

Naturally, Slap the Sign's number one candidate is... Buffalo Coach Jeff Quinn?

Notre Dame Football: Candidates To Become New Notre Dame Offensive Coordinator - Slap the Sign

Jeff Quinn Quinn was Kelly’s Offensive Coordinator at Cincinnati. When Kelly left for Notre Dame, he landed the head coaching gig at Buffalo. Quinn has gone 17-31 at Buffalo. However, his last season was 8-4. It is unlikely that Quinn would be removed for his position. If he were, he would be a slam-dunk for the Offensive Coordinator position.

Yea... about that.

On one hand, that someone made the connection isn't a huge surprise. Quinn was Kelly's offensive coordinator for nearly 20 years and a whole lot of success at Grand Valley State, Central Michigan, and Cincinnati, and UB had a great year. Additionally, the step down from Head Coach to Offensive Coordinator would be mitigated by the step up from Buffalo to Notre Dame.

On the other hand, well, a whole bunch of stuff. The primary point I would make is that Quinn didn't follow Kelly to Notre Dame specifically because he was ready to be the head coach. I'd doubt he would go back to second fiddle (or third behind defensive wizard Bob Diaco). To his credit, Mr. Hall at Slap the Sign acknowledges that it would be hard to pull Jeff Quinn away from his position.

What amazes me is Hall somehow manages in two sentences to acknowledge Quinn's 17-31 record at UB and also assert that he would be a "slam dunk" for the OC position at Notre Dame.

I think it's fair to say that Buffalo fans have nothing to worry about, and that Quinn won't be headed back to work for Brian Kelly anytime soon.

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