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Bull Run your Julie McCoy for Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Game

Please do not pull a Dan Quayle and spell the Bowl incorrectly. Potatoe Bowl.

Otto Kitsinger III

Bull Run provides you travel information on the Bowl Game UB is invited to.  The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.  The game is famous, yes.  The most famous part of this game is the blue turf and the Famous sponsorship.  When I was in Boise this year, the only thing I had to do was see the field. Great marketing Boise!  Also, when I was in Boise this summer the big news was that ESPN basically bought the Bowl. It is a very shrewd move by ESPN.   Some quick info on the game:

The nation’s longest running outdoor cold-weather bowl is the first featuring a scheduled matchup between the  Mountain West (MW) and Mid-American Conference (MAC). The Mountain West replaces the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) who has participated in the bowl since 2001.

In 2012, Utah State University capitalized on a 28-point fourth quarter to top the University of Toledo, 41-15. The bowl averaged 2.8 million viewers on ESPN, while also hosting a crowd of 29,243 at Bronco Stadium.

My personal take away from the Boise stadium.  Steepest stadium I have every seen.   Wedged into a corner of the campus is the stadium and field house.   I saw a construction crew hard at work installing a new modern scoreboard and monitor.

Here is a panoramic view of the stadium:

Panoramic View of Stadium

This is how I roll when I am in Boise.  They roll out the blue carpet and summon Miss Idaho.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="">@UBBullRun</a> I&#39;ll spend more time w/ Miss Idaho. Picture was at the stadium. Most vertical stadium I have ever seen. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; J. David Brand (@jdavidbrand) <a href="">October 28, 2013</a></blockquote>

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So if it looks like Buffalo will be in Idaho for this Bowl here is how to get there, where to stay, and where to go!

Weather. It is not going to be 66 degrees like San Diego.  Normal temp is 36 degrees.  Idaho does not get the snow Buffalo is famous for but it does it cold.  Plan on the temperature on game-day to below freezing.

How to get to Boise.



Flights. It won't be easy and it won't be cheap!  I assume you will not be staying for a week so my check was leave Friday and come back Sunday afternoon.  The best fair that I have found to be $1,137 on USAir and Alaska Airlines.  This flight leaves Buffalo at 5:30 AM and lands at 2:40 Boise time.  SouthWest is close at $1,150 but does not get you in until late.  No matter who you book it with, you will have four airports you will step foot in booth ways.  When I flew, I was in Buffalo, Chicago, Denver, and then Boise.

Driving. The distance from UB Stadium to Bronco Stadium is 2,220 (370 less miles than to San Diego.)  At 30 mpg at an average fuel price of $3.55 is $533 is gas.  The time to drive is 32 hours.  Add in the rental charge of $171 (plus taxes and fees) and will come out to $189 for a party of four.  My bet is Buffalo will be playing in this game.  Please let us cover your trip live on Bull Run.

Where to stay in Boise?

The Budgeted Traveler.  Howard Johnson Boise Airport $39 per night.



It felt like I was beaten up with a baseball bat. The bed felt like the springs were going to come through the thin layer of material that seperated the springs from the sheets. The other problem I had was finding the place since it was behind a lowes & walmart with no directions showing you how to get there.

My three young boys and I were just passing through Boise. Got a restful nights sleep. Enjoyed the continental breakfast and coffee! Had a quick swim in the pool. Staff was very nice about check out time as my infant had some issues right when we were supposed to be checking out. VERY nice for the price!!

Hotel didn't know I had prepaid you. Big mess at the front desk. Most of the light bulbs burned out. Television didn't work. [...] Lousy experience with [...] the hotel

I have never stayed at a Ho Jo's so I will not comment.   Great price but I am going to assume that the pool will be closed.

The Middle of the Road Traveler.  Hilton Garden Inn Spectrum $80 per night



I stayed at this hotel and it was clean and a very short commute to stadium  ** If I was coming in for a weekend bowl game, I would stay down town**  This hotels have tons of restaurants within walking distance, a mall, and an IMAX movie theater right across the street.  Great for business and for serious football fans looking to be ready for the game. If I was coming in for the game I would stay at the Hampton Inn downtown.  Also the Bowl has a free shuttle bus from downtown Boise to the Stadium.

What the guests have to say:

We were sponsored by Make A Wish and the hotel and staff bent over backwards to accommodate our family! Bob, the manager, was there to greet us and so many staff members had their hand in our welcome. Friendly staff from the waitress in the American Diner, to the shuttle drivers and everyone in between! Coach B-Dub says it is his favorite place to stay! We will be back and we will always stay at this hotel! Thanks so much guys!

Good food nice rooms

The Fancy Traveler.  Not to pull a Tom Brady but Boise does not have a five star hotel and the only four star hotel is sold out.   Enjoy the Garden Inn.



Tickets for the Game:


Where to eat in Boise:  (let me pull out the expense report!)

The one thing about Upstate NY is that is lost many of the Hippies and wanna be hippies.  The Pacific NorthWest is like a magnet to earthly, granola eating, hippies.  One place run by a Hippie is Pzzalchik.  Cool pizzas with almost any toppings.  It is like a corner pizza joint in South Buffalo with a Grateful Dead vibe.

Hippie Pizza

I had a great meal at Cotton Wood Grille.  Going for a great steak and I ended up with a Elk Steak and it was awesome. Dinner for two with apps, drinks, and steaks was $130. I totally recommend.

Cottonwood Grille Web Site.

Boise has it's Transit Road with tons of restaurants a drive outside of town.  If you do make it to Main Street, try Lucky Fins Grill.

For breakfast before the big game you have to go to Goldy's Breakfast Bistro.  Trust me and it is right downtown!

Eat Breakfast Here!

What to do when you are in Boise.

First of all if the game gets out of hand, try this:

35 minutes north of Boise in historic Idaho City, old west aficionados will enjoy the Cowboy Fast Draw on December 21st, in the Idaho City Community Center. This event runs from 6:30-10:30 pm and is open to the public. Cowboy Fast Draw is a timed sport using single action 45 caliber western style six shooters, with competitors dressed in authentic western garb.+

You will not be golfing in Boise, so if  you enjoy skiing or snow boarding, or just want to spend an afternoon snow tubing, head on up to Bogus Basin Ski Resort, some 16 miles north of Boise. Bogus Basin has something for every age and skill level, with some 2600 ski-able acres, 3 terrain parks, 37 km of Nordic trails, a tubing hill and snow shoe trails. There's 52 ski trails in all served by 7 lifts, with both day and night skiing.

Night time strolls through the Idaho Botanical Garden is a favorite winter time activity for Boiseans and their guests. The gardens are decorated in an amazing celebration of holiday lights called the Winter Garden aGlow with nearly 250,000 Christmas Lights illuminating the gardens.  Sounds very familiar to Niagara Falls Festival Of Lights back in the day.

There's lots of musical entertainment, visits from Santa's reindeer, and roaring bonfires to keep visitors warm. Call the gardens at 208.343.8649 for more information about admission rates, directions, and special programs.

Where to hang out for a beverage or two:

For great eats and a decent beer/wine menu try Basque Pub and Eatery.

Want to catch up on other games then try Busters Sports Bar I think you will enjoy the wait staff.

Just looking for a good place to have a beer and some great food.  Try Bittercreek Ale House

So if you are going to Boise and you are already going to see the Blue field, the only other attraction you have to cross off is the Birds of Prey Museum.

Birds of Prey Museum