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2014 Buffalo Bulls Depthcart - First Glance

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

So the season is over and it's time to start considering what things will look like this spring.

The defense is losing a ton of talent including both strong safeties and Najja Johnson. Then there is Khalil Mack and Adam Redden* from the linebackers. Finally Colby way and Beau Bachtelle on the defensive line. At all three levels of defense UB is losing 50% or more of their starts,

2013 1st 2nd 2014 1st 2nd
WR Neutz Dunmore WR Dunmore Willoughby
WR Lee Hughes WR Hughes
LT Kling Davis LT Kling Davis
LG Davis Therrien LG Davis Therrien
C Sales Borruso C Sales Borruso
RG Blodgett Guy RG Blodgett Guy
RT Silas McCoy RT Silas McCoy
TE Weiser Gordon TE Weiser Schreck
WR Ross Robinson WR Ross Robinson
HB Oliver Taylor HB Taylor Potts
QB Licata Zordich QB Licata Daniel
FB Dennison Patterson FB Brock* Patterson
2013 1st 2nd 2014 1st 2nd
DE Bachtelle Lynch DE Lynch
NT Sokoli Barksdale NT Sokoli Barksdale
DR Way Perisse DE Perisse
OLB Mack Franklin OLB Franklin
ILB Skinner Pitzonka ILB Skinner Pitzonka
ILB Stockman Bean ILB Stockman Bean
OLB Redden Alozie OLB Alozie
CB Lester Baker CB Lester Baker
FS Brim Sherry FS Brim Sherry
SS Houston Bell SS
CB Johnson Striggles CB Striggles

Of course losing Mack hurts a ton but the real challenge will be in the secondary. Even with Johnson and Houston the secondary looked vulnerable at times. The front seven was often able to apply pressure to the quarterback so if that falls off a bit things could be all the worse next season.

On the offense Buffalo is doing pretty well, as well as you can be doing after losing Branden Oliver and Alex Neutz. The big question is who steps into the number two lead receiving role next season.

Boise Ross came on big and Devon Hughes did some decent work this season. I suspect going into spring ball they will be the 1 and 2 receivers. The third will either be Willoughby or Dunmore.

At Tail back I believe it's going to be Taylor versus Potts.