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From the Desk of the AD

Danny White is here to remind you that things are good in UB land.
Danny White is here to remind you that things are good in UB land.

While Danny White has already tweeted out plans for next season's football slate, upon returning to the office Monday morning the head honcho published this "Note from Danny White"

Dear UB community,

While we didn't get the result we'd all hoped for, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl allowed us to capitalize on another opportunity to showcase the University at Buffalo in front of a national audience. It was your support that helped make this happen.

#NYBI, people. #NYBI

Throughout this past week, we saw UB pride in full force from fans posting "horns up" photos on social media, alumni talking excitedly about their alma mater to coworkers and friends, and students wearing their UB Blue in anticipation for the big game. I can't thank you all enough for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Thanks for buying in to our half-assed Social Media "Movement"!

UB athletics is committed to ensuring that our appearance in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is not simply a one-off event. We expect to compete for championships in all of our 20 sports, putting our teams and UB in the national spotlight. As I've said before, the University at Buffalo has more potential than any other athletic department in the country and I appreciate you all helping us show why that is the case during this last week of excitement.

Nothing snarky to say here. Sometimes I feel like the former development guy is blowing smoke, but it's clear from White's actions since taking over that he really does expect championships across the board for UB, and has a quick leash when things stagnate.

Thank you, UB Bulls, for a fantastic season. Thank you fans and UB supporters for your efforts as we work to bring big-time college athletics to Western New York. To be sure, this is a great time to be a Bull!

To be sure. We can't afford for the sour taste to linger, so accept my platitudes and optimism that you can only get from the guy in charge.

In general, I have been ok with most of what Danny White has done. I think some of the ticketing schemes border on are farcical, and the "loyalty points" thing doesn't sit well with me, but I recognize through my cynicism that he's brought energy and a sense of accountability to the whole department.

I think this letter, overall, is A Good Idea, even if it does smell a bit like over the top earnestness. As Tim said yesterday, lots of stuff happened in 2013. Lots more than the last four games. And while it's in Danny White's interest to keep people from being pessimistic, and serving as head cheerleader leads to a certain insincerity, I don't feel too much of this here.

And truthfully, this letter isn't directed to me, anyway.

People reading this and checking out UBFan have enough sense and knowledge and experience to know for themselves how rare an eight-win season is, and to be able to look at the State of UB Athletics in the context of the last 10+ years.

White's letter is writing to the larger UB and Western New York communities to let them know that to say "same old Buffalo" is no longer appropriate. Kudos to him for recognizing the opportunity.

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