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Putting 2013 into perspective

Buffalo fans can't be happy with the way this game ended but for a fan-base starved of winning seasons it was a step forward.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Back when Ohio was in the middle of their November collapse I remember thinking to my self. "How can their fans be so upset"?.

The Kittens were on their way to their 5th straight bowl game and have not had a losing record since Turner Gill won the MAC in 2008. Still the fact that Ohio just could not get over the top wore thin on their fan base. In the midst of a three game streak that saw the Boys from Athens get Obliterated by Buffalo, Bowling Green, and Kent many started to question the devotion of players and the competence of coaches.

Last night I understood. Seems like every other play I was treating it like the end of the world. Ohio fans were wrong to react that way in November and we would be wrong to react that way now.

Beyond the fact that these players are stand up students who work hard to earn their scholarship we have to focus on the good.

First this Buffalo team's 8-5 mark is better than any UB squad of the Modern Era. As a fan base we saw two NCAA records fall and more school records than I care to list. The team lost just one home game this season and next year UB Athletic Director Danny White has promised 7 home game for the fans.

For the stars like Mack, Neutz, Oliver, and Johnson it's the end of a great UB Career and perhaps the beginning of a great professional career. For a lot of the younger players it's a chance to step out of some mighty big shadows and show Buffalo fans that this team has a far greater depth than we could have appreciated.

For fans it's a time to reflect on a great season, a fun season, and a winning season.Let's appreciate a first round draft pick and All American in Khalil Mack. Lets soak in the eight wins and school records, lets shift gears and start to follow the hoops and hockey programs (yes I have not forgotten our ACHA Bulls).

It's also a good time to get to know the names of tomorrow. UB is bringing in a fantastic recruiting class this year and if these players can put in the effort which our outgoing seniors were known for then this is not the end for UB football in the post season, it is the beginning.

Thank you players, coaches, and everyone in the athletics department for giving us a great season. Were looking forward to 2014

- The Bull Run Staff