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The Bowl Game Meal: San Diego Hate

The trophy that turns into fries and vodka.
The trophy that turns into fries and vodka.

Pregame Song: I have a very long commute now because I reject San Francisco's no space high rent lifestyle. It cuts into my writing time, and my sleep, but on the bright side gives me a lot more radio time.

I heard this throwback joint on the road and it still hits so hard. I've been playing it daily for about a week now and i think it's apt, PLUS we've had luck with DMX pregame songs, maybe it's a sign.

No, It's our goal: getting a bowl bid is money, $750,000 to be exact, dominating Bowl Opponents shows power, winning your bowl game gets you Respect. It's the key to life, Money, Power, Respect. Lets go get all 3 UB.

Little Kim ain't scurred of no cold weather, and neither are we #NYBI.

Money, Power & Respect was released in January 1998, the year East Coat rap battled the oxford comma and the last year before UB moved to Division 1A. The players in the '98 locker room may have played this song as they imagined how life would be when they got the chance to play at football's highest level. A bowl win would be a win for every Bull and Bull fan over the 100 seasons of UB football and as we've pushed for respect during our fourteen years in the FBS.

1998 was also the last year Boise State was winless in bowl games. They won the 1999 Humanitarian Bowl and never looked back. Will the smurf turf prove to be the launching pad for the next great blue-clad Mid-Major program???

Nutrition: Garbage Plate. I haven't had one in six years, but when I think potato overload, I think garbage plate. How does Conrad "The Don" "Bull_Trojan" eat his G plates?

  1. French Fries cooked chewy.
  2. Home Fries cooked crispy.
  3. Cheeseburger on top.
  4. Mustard
  5. Ketchup
  6. Special Hot Sauce
  7. Bacon? It's not an option, but that would really set off that plate
Hydration: See now I'm really bummed that I missed Boise, because they have some cool looking breweries. My themed choices:

  1. Payette Brewing Co. Learning Barn Farmhouse Ale: San Diego State is gonna get taken to the learning Barn. They gone learn today!
  2. Payette Brewing Co. Slaughter House India Red Ale: San Diego State is gonna leave the learning barn and head to the slaughter house. #Hook 'EMHornsUP
  3. Kilted Dragon Brewery Blue Steel IPA: UB football is really really ridiculously good looking, we also are probably not going to wear blue.
  4. Koenig Potato Vodka Potato Shooters: This is awesome, I love jello shots out of fruits, this is potato vodka shooters out of potatoes. I assume you eat the potato afterwards and if so, a little bacon would really set this off.

Any Hate for San Diego?

I lived ninety minutes away for six years and never once heard about SDSU football.

They play in Qualcomm, which is the only stadium I've been in that made me wish I was in UB Stadium.

I saw someone refer to CSU San Diego as the flagship of the CSU system, I'd disagree, they are the flagship party school. If you are going for old school academic credit, you go San Francisco State. If you're going for tech, you go San Jose State. If you like gangs, meth, stereotypes from episodes of gangland cause I've never been to Fresno, (mostly because when you hit Fresno from the 5 every exit has a corrections facility) and Carr family football, Fresno State. If you like beaches and aren't afraid to regulate, you go Long Beach. If you want to work in business or entertainment, and you want to live at home, you go CSU Fullerton. If you want to drink and surf, you go SDSU. Obviously, SDSU is always a popular choice.

SDSU is bad at history and geography: Aztecs were not in San Diego, they were based in central Mexico.

You have to hate on San Diego for their beautiful beaches and weather. Also EVERYONE in San Diego has a six pack. I saw fat dudes with a six pack, I don't know how. I've never had a six pack, so I really hate that about San Diego. Meat on your bones keeps you warm in the Buffalo winter, I hope they freeze in Boise.

I am one of those guys that just never liked Anchorman. So I'm dreading Anchorman 2. I blame you San Diego, and also Paul Rudd, I want to love him, but i hate him in everything except the 40-Year Old Virgin.

Bias Full Prediction Aggregation:

Where I praise Buffalo pickers and chastise SDSU pickers.

Buffalo Picks (17):

Bleacher Report: Tyler Brooke, Chris Roling

Roling Brooke would be a great name for these two as a sports radio duo.

CBS: Dennis Dodd, Bruce Feldman, Tom Fornelli, Jerry Hinnen, Chip Patterson

CBS is a quality network with some of my favorite shows including Person of Interest and Elementary, although both shows (Spoilers?) have started shooting all of their black people, I don't care for that, too real.

ESPN: Mark Schlabach

Mark is the smartest man at ESPN. Holly Anderson is the smartest woman, she wrote a great preview of the Potato Bowl. Together they buck a trend of Major College Football writers celebrating their Mid-Major ignorance...These two know their Mid-Majors.

SB Nation: Bill C's F/+ Projection, Jason Kirk.

Jason Kirk's vote was secured in exchange for an Atlanta win over Buffalo in Toronto, so thanks to Stevie Johnson for that one. Bill C's computer is smarter than Bill C.

Bull Run: "The Don", "BC Bull", Tim Riordan, "Branded Bull"

The Don is me, and like DHT I listen to my heart. I think the rest of the "Last Bull In" crew picks UB because we make our picks live on the podcast leaving evidence of us being non-bullievers. Of course that means we have all drunk the White Coolaid and are on to the Next Excuse In. This bowl game will really shape a lot of the blog narrative, and we've just gotten used to happy narratives.

State of the U: John Pickens, Josh Maser

The U gave Buffalo Jim Kelly and John Pickens, who has pick in his name so he has to be right, and Josh Maser. Something about J-names and Miami that works out well for Buffalo.

Rant Sports: Joseph Lisi

Twitter handle @GOFORTHE2 is the most extreme football themed twitter handle. Advocating, no demanding in all caps, to go for the 2 all the time. I would as a coach, if I 10 plays to get 3 yards, I'd like my odds over a defense not used to stopping 2 point conversions. Even if you are 66%, it turns a 21-21 game into a 22-21 victory.

San Diego Picks (12):

Bleacher Report: Brian Pedersen

More like Brian NEEDersen, as in needs some glasses, have you seen Mack play this year?

CBS: Jeremy Fowler

Get em Urbs:

Hustle Belt: @NotMattCampbell

YaBoy is simply that, a boy, he has not reached the requisite man age of 40. His pick is irrelevant.

LA Times: Chris Dufresne

Like I said, 90 minutes away, 6 years, never read about San Diego State in the Times so I'm inclined to say he randomly picked SDSU on his way to Vegas to cover USC. Californian arrogance would never pick a team from lowly Buffalo over a SoCal team (1991 AFC Championship game! Scoreboard!)  He went to Fullerton, back when they had football, yet he doesn't hate the other CSUs who still have football. Can't trust a man who doesn't harbor hate against a rival.

SB Nation: Spencer Hall, Bill Connelly, Dan Rubenstein, Bud Elliott, Luke Zimmermann

They all jealous:

Spencer harbors hatred because Buffalo wounded one of his favorites, PJ Fleck and destroyed another of his favorites, Pasqualoni.

Rubenstein's pick I believe was a "Dan on Fire" take, and should be taken as satire.

Bill C is not as smart as his computer.

Bud Elliott recruiting analyst who is trying to retroactively validate missing Khalil Mack by downgrading the Bulls.

Luke Zimmerman has a grudge against Khalil Mack for singlehandedly (well he used both hands) derailing the Braxton Miller Heisman train before it left the station.

State of the U: Jerry Steinberg, Juan Toribio, Michael Grunewald

I watched Youngstown Boys last week, and it was great, when I write my bleeding heart black athletes in college football, pro-compensation pieces, that's what I am trying to prevent.

Something else stood out: how stacked was that Miami team and why did the Bills end up with all the Crappy Canes.

There was Andre Johnson, KWin II, Vince Wilfork, Frank Gore, Jerome McDougle, DJ Williams, Jonathan Vilma, Antrel Rolle, Sean Taylor and the Bills end up with no knees no heart no brain Willis McGahee and Roscoe freaking Parrish.

Anyway, Jerry Juan and Michael each submitted their pick via text while walking out of last night's Heat game in the 3rd Quarter.

Seen any other Potato Bowl Picks? Submit them in the comments.

Come back tomorrow for actual Potato Bowl Analysis. But does that mean a ranking of all potato bowls, or actual football talk? You'll have to find out tomorrow. Hint: KFC's Potato Bowl is not included.

But is that because KFC's potato bowls are awful, or because it's not about potato bowls at all? Time will tell.