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Talk Back - If you're not going to be in Boise Where will you be?

If you're like me then Boise is a scooch out of the way and a tad pricy.

Marc Serota

One of the reasons that the Potato Bowl was the worst possible assignment for Buffalo is the date. The "Spud Classic" falls on the same date as the Bulls anticipated game against the Manhattan Jaspers at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The Athletic department has been hyping that game to tens of thousands of UB Alumni in New York City since it was announced this summer. There have even been proportionals directly from the tournament to Bull Run readers (Notice that slick placement)...

But it is the afternoon before the Spud Bowl which gives UB fans in "The City"a choice. Drop 1,500 to go to the Boise Bowl or cross town to see Bobby Hurley and the Basket-Bulls. The answer for those staying for hoops is a post game Watch Party!

So UB bball is at 3pm at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

I have secured a sports bar 8 short blocks from Barclays to watch the UB Bowl game which begins at 530pm. They will have us on the big 200 inch projection screen along with sound.

The bar is call 200 5th.

They serve food and will provide us with drink specials.

Please pass along this info to anyone else who is going to the basketball game. All are welcome.

So we now know where the post game party is for UB Fans attending the hoops game.

What about you? If you're not lucky enough to be in Boise then where is your watch party going to be?  Comment below with your city, state, and venue so that your local hangouts can bleed blue!