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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

W10 Team Tier Change Game Comment
1 NIU 1 0 Bye NIU and Ball State are playing the MAC game of the season next week.
2 Ball State 1 0 Win 44-22 vs CMU Ball state had a nice tune up versus a CMU team that has bounced back well this season after a slow start.
3 Buffalo 2 1 Win 30-3 vs Ohio Putting aside the bad calls there was still nothing the Bobcats could do to stop Oliver. Bo's numbers in just the past three games would put him in the top 40 players in the nation.
4 Toledo 2 -1 Bye Toledo still has an outside shot at the MAC West but they need to start by shutting down the Power Running game of Buffalo and finding a way to neutralize Khalil Mack.
5 BGSU 2 1 Win 45-3 at Miami The Falcon's and Bulls each control their own MAC East destiny but before the final game of year can be for the division the Falcons have to get through Ohio first.
6 Ohio 3 -1 Loss 30-3 at Buffalo Ohio has struggled this year against the power running game and Buffalo used it to perfection in the second half. Ohio is looking at another seven or eight win season and no MAC title.
7 CMU 3 0 Loss 44-22 at BSU Not going to ding the Chips for losing to Ball State. They do have to face the reality that they have no breathing room in their quest for a second Bowl game.
8 Akron 4 0 Bye Akron is looking for revenge on a Umass team that notched their only FBS win last season against the Zips. 4 wins would be more than most expected and perhaps something to build on for 2014.
9 Kent 4 0 Bye Kent needs to get ready for their game against Miami next week. It's been a rough year for the Flashes and losing to a winless Miami squad would only make it worse.
10 EMU 5 0 W 35-32 vs WMU No movement despite the win. Heads up Kent and Akron are better teams. The Eagles will now be playing for the Michigan MAC trophy in two weeks when they take on the Chips.
11 WMU 5 0 L 35-32 at EMU Even if the lost to an Eastern Michigan team that lost yesterday there is ont much further for Western Michigan to fall. They beat Umass and Miami has not beaten anybody.
12 UMass 5 0 Bye Last year UMass went into Akron and walked away with their first FBS win. This year they host the Zips and are trying to get their second of the year.
13 Miami 5 0 Loss 45-3 vs Miami Chances for that win are passing Miami by. Kent may be their most winnable game left because after that they host Buffalo who is fighting for the East and Ball State who is fighting for the West.