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BCS Standings Update - Why Baylor Should be in front of Ohio State

Believe it or not if things are tight enough the Buffalo Games which opened up this season could determine the fate of two undefeated teams.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

I don't want to root for Baylor, really!

If I had to rank the all 130(ish) teams who play college football in order of how much I dislike them Baylor would be somewhere in the top third. In fairness to Baylor fans I don't really have a reason it's just a gut reaction to most teams in Texas (except UTSA).

Still when I tuned in this week to watch the Bears dismantle #10 Oklahoma I found myself pulling for the team from Texas.

The only things I'd like more than the Bulls winning their next 5 games would be to tune into the national championship and see one of the teams that beat UB playing for a national championship, and if they win have that team come play in Amherst next season.

What do the other contributors at Bull Run think?

Ohio State has won 9 games, Baylor has won 8. The meat of the Baylor’s season started against Oklahoma, good win, let’s see if they stay undefeated. Ohio has some cream puffs left (even Michigan) and undefeated is still undefeated in the NCAA world. -- BrandedBull


This is why I do not like preseason rankings. If it wasn't for a preseason ranking which had Ohio State ranked second, and Baylor, unranked, the rankings, Baylor would have an equal chance to be ranked ahead of OSU, as they should be. Just look at the way their winning football games. -- Johnathan Snyder


OSU has won 21 in a row, but only nine should matter for the current rankings. This season they are undefeated just as Stanford, Alabama, Florida State, and Baylor are, and have a weaker SOS than all except perhaps Baylor, but the Bears have more consistently won in impressive fashion. -- BCBull


Baylor should be ranked ahead of Ohio State because not only do they display the best offense in college football, they also display one of the Top 10 defenses in college football.

The Bears handled #10 Oklahoma, better than any opponent on Ohio State's schedule and will have an opportunity for two more Top 25 wins before the season ends.

Despite Ohio State having won 21 straight, the Big 10 is an inferior conference the last two years when compared with the SEC, PAC-12, Big-12 and the ACC, which will rightfully hurt the Buckeyes when it comes to their national championship hopes. -- Mike Bundt


Ohio State has won 21 straight, they deserve credit for that. As viewers we should boycott the bowl season and demand a playoff effective now. -- Conrad

So in the Bull Run staff BCS straw poll it's 4-1 in favor of Baylor. Throw me in there and it's 5-1.

In my mind Baylor is far and away the better team and it's really not even close. There were times in the Ohio State game, many times, where Buffalo looked like they belonged on the field with OSU. Hell, Khalil Mack was the best player out there.

With Baylor though we were outmatched from the first whistle.

Oh sure we traded a punch or two early but never, for a moment, did we look like a team that could slow Baylor down. On offense they were unstoppable and on defense they shut down the Bulls running game.

For most teams putting up 700 yards is a season defining game, for Baylor it's just another day at the office. The speed at which they run their offense and more importantly the precision and crispness you see on almost every play is something special to watch.

What's really sick about Baylor's numbers is that they "take their foot off the gas" early in the second half.

Many of those 700 yard games could have went for more than 1,000. Against Buffalo they were on their second string early in the third and went deeper than that as the game wound down.

If this season starts with no AP poll, with no Coaches Poll then Baylor is easily in front of Ohio State right now.

Take it from someone who's team has played both....

Baylor is the better team but I suppose I could live with Buckeye's and Bears meeting up in the national championship.