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NCAA Strength of Schedule for Ohio State and Baylor

Dear Buckeyes and Bears..... You're welcome

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One of the worst parts of rooting for a mid major team is the outright derision that you receive from AQ schools just for being on their schedule. It was nothing short of infuriating to hear Ohio State and Baylor fans bemoan the fact that they had to slum it by playing Buffalo before one down has been played.

After playing Ohio pretty well but coming up short Baylor pummeled UB and the course once again began. Both the fan bases of Baylor and Ohio state, along with people slamming OSU and the Bears laughed at how their "signature win" might be Buffalo.

Well here we are two months later and that Buffalo win does not look so bad does it?

Let's start with Ohio State

Opponent Conf Record Sargins CR* A&C Average Bowl Bound?
Buffalo MAC 7-2 71 43 57 57 Yes
San Diego MWC 4-4 96 78 87 87 ?
Cal PAC 1-8 108 106 99 104 No
Florida A&M FCS 3-6 225 - - 225 No
Wisconsin B10 6-2 6 36 34 25 Yes
Northwestern B10 4-5 53 71 69 64 ?
Iowa B10 5-4 42 51 49 47 ?
Penn State B10 5-3 48 41 41 43 ?
Purdue B10 1-7 146 103 101 117 No

The Buckeye's have played two teams currently bowl eligible. The Buffalo Bulls and the Wisconsin Badgers. Iowa is likely Bowl bound and Penn State should get to six or more wins (but will miss on a bowl because of sanctions). San Diego and Northwestern also have an outside shot but so far it's just twh two teams.

In terms of rankings the averaged Sargins, Anderson and Hester, and Colley rank UB as the fourth strongest win for the Buckeye's. And two of those rankings only CR factors in the win over Ohio.

The UB win means even more to Baylor.

Opponent Conf Record Sargins CR* A&C Average
Woffard FCS 5-3 159 - - 159 No
Buffalo MAC 7-2 71 43 57 57 Yes
UL Monroe SB 5-4 117 66 67 83 ?
WVU B12 4-5 59 76 68 68 ?
Kansas State B12 4-4 28 64 66 53 ?
Iowa State B12 1-7 80 110 105 98 No
Kansas B12 2-6 106 99 93 99 No

The Bears have played one team currently slated for a Bowl, and that is Buffalo.

The Bulls are also the second highest ranked team on the Baylor calendar to date. UB is a whole four spots behind Kansas State.

In the spirit of fairness one should note that both teams have some hard games coming up, especially Baylor. I doubt that when Bowl selection comes out anyone will be counting their lucky stars they have that win over the Bulls but I don't think either is going to have their bowl standing hurt by beating the Bulls.