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Senior Salute - Jimmy Gordon

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

His Journey: From Patchogue-Medford, Gordon received interest from UCF and Rutgers before ultimately staying in state at UB. Gordon played 42 games at tight end starting 19 times. He has 35 receptions for 346 yards as a Bull with 3 receiving touchdowns.

Debut Performance: Gordon caught 5 passes for 54 yards, his first catch of the season in the 2010 finale at Akron.

Breakout Performance:

In the 2012 opener at Georgia, Gordon shined against the tough Bulldog defense, grabbing 3 receptions for a team leading 63 yards.

Senior Moment:

After catching 2 balls for 8 yards, every Bull fan said "wait Gordon is still here?" after Gordon caught 5 balls for 70 yards and a touchdown against Toledo.