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Khalil Mack MAC East DPOW

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

When Khalil Mack gets drafted, I expect this award to be renamed the Khalil Mack East Division Player of the Week award and Mack to be named Player of the Week Emeritus, because once again the All-Everything linebacker has won the award.

Mack's third recognition comes on the heels of one of the most dominant halves of football that the college game has ever seen. I really mean that without hyperbole. 3 sacks (and 3 TFL) and 3 Forced Fumbles in one half. Fewer than 15 players have ever had 3 Forced Fumbles in a game, and only one has ever had 4.

Better yet, two of those fumbles were recovered by UB and turned in 14 points, one thanks to a 52 yard drive and one thanks to Okoye Houston's 60 yard TD return.

Just in case you needed reminding, from the UB Athletics Press Release:

For the season, Mack leads the Bulls with 82 tackles, 16.5 for loss. 10.5 sacks, three interceptions and five forced fumbles. He is the NCAA career record holder for forced fumbles and 2.5 tackles for loss shy of the NCAA career tackles for loss record as well.

This is the 9th straight week and 10th overall that a UB player has won East POTW recognition.