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Buffalo Bulls vs Robert Morris 2013

It's fair to say the Bobby Hurley era has come in with a whimper. Aside from beating up on a division two program the Bulls have been playing worse ball than anyone in the MAC East save perhaps Miami. This is not what people expected out of a Buffalo team with players like McCrea, Regan, and Oldham.

It's only been two road games but the loss to Niagara hurts. Beyond my rule of "Beat the purps every year" there is the fact that the NU basketball program did it's best "implosive/explosive device" impression this off season.UB lost a coach because they fired him. NU lost a coach to another program and then lost most of their teams star power.

So while I'd love to chalk up the loss to "They are just better than us" I don't see it. More than that if we say NUis "just better" it means we are worse than a MAAC team who is 1-4 including. Is this what we can expect from year one of "Hurley Ball"? I certainly hope not.

UB spent the off season doing everything possible to avoid a collapse with this years team. Not wanting to wast the senior season of Javon McCrea the athletic department went out looking for JUCO talent to fill gaps and set up a rather mild non conference slate of games to use as a warmup for MAC play.

But here we are... 0-2 against division one teams and staring down Robert Morris.

The Colonials are 3-3 with wins over Savannah State, Lafayette, and UT Arlington. Their losses have come at the hands of EMU, Kentucky, and Cleveland State.

The Bulls are ranked lower than 300 in Field Goal percent, 3 point field goal percent, and are not faring much better in points per possession or assist to turnover ratio. All in all the team's play has been exceptionally sloppy. The defense has been next to non existent.

It's early in the Hurley regime so I am trying to come at this with a level head and a fair mind but so far I really miss Witherspoon. Maybe before the season is over Hurley and the Bulls will pull a "Quinner" and help serve up another heaping does of crow.