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Bruwpeg - BGSU Clash at the Ralph

Here it is pickers. The Last Bruwpeg Pick for the Championship!

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

I want to thank all the contestants this year.  I am truly amazed at how knowledgeable and fun Bulls fans area.  It really is my honor to run Bruwpeg (especially since last year I threaten to quit!  I was going to take my ball and go home.)

I have made the executive decision to not include the MAC Championship and Bowl Appearance to count towards the yearly championship.  Like EPL soccer, it is just the regular season (can we also relegate the bottom two pickers?) Heck, I have never had to deal with more than regular season games like MAC Championship and Bowl appearances before.  Next year, it will be every single Bulls game.  But never fear, I do have actual prizes for any addition games the Bulls compete in this season for Bruwpeg.  A great Buffalo tavern has stepped up and provided at $25 gift certificate for MAC Championship and $50 for Bowl Game.  Mitchell's Tavern (click on link) is a great traditional Buffalo Tavern with the best picture/autograph sports memorabilia in Buffalo.  Bar None!  Great food, good looking staff, and great drinks! Mention my name to promptly be escorted out. Do mention Bruwpeg!

Well, what a season for dbburns.  Started off slow and only picked up one point for picking OSU to start the season. Again early struggles picking up only one point versus Baylor, Stony Brook, and UConn.  Then it all came together against Eastern Michigan with a perfect pick and vaulted to a tie for first place.  Then dbdurns stays on fire winning the following three weeks against Western Michigan, UMass, and Kent.

dbburns gets cold and only picks up three points total the next three weeks and keeps the door slightly open for ukbro00.  ukbro00 also had a perfect pick against Eastern Michigan to vault into the lead but did not stay as hot.   ukbro00 had a four point week against Miami and cut the lead to a realistic chance at 6 to still be crowned the Bruwpeg Champion.  The rest of the pickers would need a perfect pick to take the crown.  Does any picker have any magic with their picks?   Or did dbburns just do too much to file away this win.

Here we are at the last game of the regular season and this game has major implications.  Who would have thunk that after Stony Brook game this team would be in this situation.  Not I and glad to me made a fool!

The opening line has BGSU as a one point favorite.

Get your picks in and keep an eye on the picks from dbburns and ukbro00.  I expect these picks to be entered a minute before kick off.

The line has crept up to BGSU as a 2.5 road favorite We are calling this game 30 - 23 for the Bulls.

Participant New York BGSU Points
121Merrimac 27 24 19
Admin 2
Albany Bull 26 23 21
Basketbull 28 27 16
BC Bull 27 21 18
Bflo Super Fan 49 17 14
BfloFan4255 9
Bleeding Blue 34 24 13
BrandedBull 24 14 16
Bull In Exile 24 21 18
Bull Trojan 35 17 22
BVFA12 14
Calvin 31 24 21
ChiTown 12
ChubbyHubby 32 22 17
Clodney 14
dbburns 34 26 36
DCA 24 27 20
Everlast2504 18
Island Bull 34 27 18
Jeff Lebowski 100 0 20
Jeff Screen 14 10 6
kdahlberg93 27 24 19
MarkChicago 31 24 24
mbundt1 27 24 11
meigs1414 34 31 20
PittBull1 31 10 23
Ralph Cox 24 23 6
Roch Bull 42 41 15
Sabresfan97 27 24 14
UB D/O 40 34 13
UB92 29 12 16
UBBull98 28 24 10
UBBulls08 28 24 15
UBFan99 24 20 15
ukbro00 27 24 30
Vman 23 21 19
wearub46 31 21 16
Zigo230 27 26 17
Avg. Pred. 32 22 17
Picks for. 31 2 33