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Khalil Mack - NFL Draft

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

His numbers are gaudy, it work ethic is unparalleled, and his measurable are impressive but everything you need to know about Khalil Mack can be summed up with one simple phrase, "He never stops"

Against Miami of Ohio you knew Mack was going to have a big game but it's how he did it.

Go ahead run away from him, double team him, scheme around him. But unless you can get the ball into a receivers hands in under a second or so you're going to have a long game. Just when you think you escape Mack he will run you down from behind and strip the ball three times.

Maybe the hardest part Khalil Mack's play to quantify is how he elevates the other players around him. Despite being easily Buffalo's star defensive player Mack relishes the change to take double and triple teams. He's also a guy who get's plays started.

Houston got the "scoop and score" but it was Mack who made the play happen.

He's spent four years going from an skinny(ish) but talented kid from Florida to the terror of the Mid American Conference. Mack now owns the NCAA record for forced fumbles and is just two and a half tackles for loss short of that College record.

Many times people believe that mid major players benefit from lesser competition but you can't point at Khalil Mack and say "it's just the weak schedule". People were using that excuse in August when Mack was being projected as a second round pick.

"He's good" but who has he played...

Then Khalil Mack Blew up Ohio State. Urban Meyer correctly called Mack the best player on the field.

The interception was the cherry on top of a performance that say Mack harass Braxton Miller all game long. This was against then #2, now #3 Ohio State.

Khalil Mack is one of those rare gems who slipped under the radar in High School. He started football late, had a knee injury, and was a bit on the small side. He landed in Buffalo by happenstance and has made every moment of his time with UB count.

When Mack gets to the next level it's not going to be under anyone's radar. There will be no NFL scouts overlokking Mack as he plays in the Senior Bowl, or as he does his thing in the combine. When UB has their pro day this coming spring I suspect the field house will be packed with NFL scouts. He's going to get his shot to do in the NFL what he has done in the NCAA... Run down the play each and every time the ball is snapped, Khalil Mack never stops coming.