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NCAA Bowl Projections


While the team needs to stay focused on Toledo the fans have the luxury of looking forward to our bowl match ups.

Of note this week is that Army collected their seventh loss. This adds the Poinsettia Bowl to the MAC's menu meaning that a trip to San Diego is in order for some lucky bowl eligible team.

The Bowl is a resurrected Service Academy affair from the 1950's.

The Bowl was used as a military services championship game. pitting the Western and Eastern Military Services champions against each other. In the inaugural Poinsettia Bowl, Bolling Air Force Base defeated the San Diego Naval Training Center by a score of 35–14 on December 20, 1952. After three years the game was cancelled. Then in 2005 the organizers of the Holiday Bowl restarted the Poinsettia Bowl.

Currently it pits the Mountain West Conference's second ranked team against Army. The failure by Army to get 6 wins means that the Mid American conference gets the spot.

UB is not being projected to the Poinsettia bowl by anyone but there is some interesting scenarios.

The Tampa Bay Times sees UB filling in for the SEC in the Independence Bowl. The ACC representative is slated as Syracuse.

The allure of a UB Syracuse game could be enough to make it happen. Shreveport would be an odd spot for New York's teams to duke it out but if were talking eyes on the TV it might just happen.

CBS has UB in the Beef O'Brady's versus ECU, Tom Fornelli also list UB as the 30th best team in the nation.

SBNation has the Bulls playing Colorado State in the Spud Bowl. ESPN has the same bowl but has UB facing either UNLV or San Diego.