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NCAA Record Watch - Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack is mostly done feeding on the lesser teams of the Mid American Conference and he is only eight tackles short of Western Michigan's Jason Babin for the all time NCAA Record. Babin of course had six more games than MAC has had to date so their pace is pretty comparable.

If Buffalo makes the post season there is no reason to think a player who is averaging more than one and a half tackles for loss per game can't average just one per game to finish his career.

Forced fumbles is another issues. Mack has 12 through 41 career games. That's about one every three and a half games. But forced fumbles are pretty rare. HE could get the 2 he needs to tie, or none.

# Player TFL Needs # NCAA FF Needs
1 Jason Babin, W. Michigan 75 8 5 Tied With -> 14 2
2 George Selvie, South Florida 69 2 1 Zack Follett, California 13 1
3 Khalil Mack, Buffalo 67 6 Stryker Sulak, Missouri 13 1
Jabaree Tuani, Navy 12
8 Khalil Mack, Buffalo. 12

Player Sacks Way
1 Khalil Mack 25 10
5 Dave May 18 3
7 Keith Hansen 16 1
8 Hardy Mitchell 15.5 0.5
9 Colby Way 15

In terms of Sacks Mack broke the all time record of 24 last week. The record had been held by Rich Dadabo and Vince Canos. All he will do the rest of this season is continue to grow his record.

Buffalo's other player working his way up in the UB sack record books is Colby Way.

Way missed last week with an Ankle injury and was listed by Buffalo Coach Jeff Quinn as "Day to Day" this week. The senior defensive end was a game time decision last week so it's likely he will play.

A single sack against the Bobcat's would get Way to number seven all time. If Way breaks out with a three sack day he will catch Dave May.

Player PD Needs
1 Gemara William 39 4
2 Mark Graham 37 2
3 Domonic Cook 36 1
4 Najja Johnson 35

Najja Johnson was not too seriously tested against Kent so the Senior was unable to move up in the passes defended category but against the Ohio Bobcat's Johnson's role could be pivotal.

Facing one of the conferences top three Quarterbacks with a line, a running game, and talented receivers make Ohio more of a threat to our secondary than any team UB has faced since Baylor.

Johnson will probably find himself across from Donte Foster, Ohio's leading receiver.

On the other side of the Ball Oliver is padding some records and trying to set others.

Player Yards Player 100 YG
1 Branden Oliver (2010- ) 3388 1 Branden Oliver (2010- ) 16
2 James Starks (2006-08) 3140 2 Anthony Swan (1994-97) 13
3 Anthony Swan (1994-97) 3103 3 James Starks (2006-08) 12

Oliver is padding his overall yards and 100 yard games records. Buffalo has at least five games left and Bo is back to his 2012 form. Chewing out big games. While 4,000 yards is a stretch it's not completely outside the realm of possibility, especially if Buffalo wins the east and plays in a Bowl.

But there are still mountain's Oliver is climbing.

Player Carries Needs Player TD Needs
1 Anthony Swan (1994-97) 812 76 1 James Starks (2006-08) 34 7
2 Branden Oliver (2010- ) 736 2 Lee Jones (1965-67) 29 2
3 Anthony Swan (1994-97) 29 2
4 Branden Oliver (2010- ) 27

Bo's four touchdowns against Kent puts him back in the hunt for Jame Starks record of 34. Seven touchdowns in five or so games would be an amazing accomplishment for Bo. As we hit late Autumn night games in the MAC Oliver might continue to get a lot of work.

There is little doubt a healthy Oliver catches Anthony Swan. He is getting anywhere between 20-40 carries per game.

LICATA Player TD's Needs
1 Drew Willy 52 31
2 Marty Barrett 44 23
8 Ken Hyer 22 1
9 Joe Licata 21 0
10 Jim Rodriguez 20

Also in the backfield is Joe Licata.

Licat's 14 touchdowns this season are the 9th most in any season by a UB Quarterback and the total has lifted Licata to 21 for his still young UB career.

Licata, who is in his first full season as UB's starter, is already 9th all time in the UB record books and is only one touchdown pass away from climbing past Ken Hyer to take sole possession of eighth place in the Buffalo record books.

One of the guys Licata is slinging the ball to, Alex Neutz, is already high up in a lot of records but far off the pace of Naamen Roosevelt. The one place where Neutz might catch Roosevelt is in career touchdowns.

Neutz needs just 2 more to catch Roosevelt at 28. The Senior Wideout  and he is averaging 1 TD per complete game played.

On special teams Patrick Clarke continues to rise.

Player fg Needs Player xtp Needs Player pts Needs
1 A.J. Principe 44 12 1 A.J. Principe 133 68 1 A.J. Principe 265 104
2 Dallas Pelz 35 3 2 Scott Keller 71 6 2 Patrick Clarke 161
3 Patrick Clarke 32 3 Mark Mozrall 69 4
4 Patrick Clarke 65

By the time the season is over Clarke should be #2 in all time field goals, extra points, and total points. With one season left after this year some of marks set by A.J. Principe should fall.