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MAC vs CUSA Bowl Game in the Bahamas - Challenges addressed

Update - It's official

The Bahamas Bowl is on and the MAC will play in it four of the six seasons that it is contracted to run. The Government of the Bahamas and all of the G5 conferences had a role in the creation of this bowl game.

The 15,000 Stadium is being called "the perfect size" but if the government is involved in this Bowl I believe it may get upgraded to its maximum capacity of 30,000

There are two more rotating bowl games coming which will make the MAC's official yearly priamry Bowl count to five.

Original Story

The commissioners from the group of five conferences will be announcing a new bowl game in the Bahamas later this month (October 14th). Lea Miller of Complete Sports Management calls it "an exciting announcement about postseason college football."

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson confirmed the announcement is for a six-year bowl-game agreement with the Mountain West as a backup player, participating "maybe once in six years." The primary contracts for the Bowl will appear to be for Conference USA and the MAC who have done most of the leg work in getting this Bowl together.

Thompson, MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher, C-USA commissioner Britton Banowsky, Sun Belt commissioner Karl Benson and American Athletic Conference senior associate commissioner Nick Carparelli will all be at the press conference at the 15,000-seat Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau.

Some have speculated that The Bahamas bowl might be the beginning of a bowl rotation among the G5 conferences. The at-large selection process for existing bowls has in the past locked out very good mid major teams in preference of a 6-6 member of the P5 group.


Why such a small stadium?

Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau  currently has a capacity of 15,000 people, but has the ability to be expanded to hold 30,000 people. Maybe they will use this as an excuse to built out the stadium and maybe not.... Who cares its a bowl game in the Bahamas?

How will players get their passports in time for these games

I have heard that you can technically fly into the Bahamas without a US passport but not get back into the states. There is also the possibility that athletic departments in the MAC and CUSA can start the process when a player joins the team so that they are always ready, also.... Who cares its a bowl game in the Bahamas?

How will they get people on an international flight to attend the bowl game?

Well it's not a whole lot more expensive and does not take much longer to fly to Nassau than it does to fly too Miami. Do you really have to ask why in December someone would shell out for a bowl game in the Bahamas?

So the mountain west is a backup but this is supposedly a G5 rotation thing? how does that work?

Don't you get it... We have a bowl game in the Bahamas!