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Weeknight Football Open-thread

Watch whatever, root for whoever, just bring some chatter as we try to wait it out until Saturday.

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Who says we have to wait until Saturday for an open thread. Few things make a late night working more bearable than college football and tonight I'm hoping to see Iowa State take down Texas.

Have you heard? SBNation has cleaned up their scoreboard now, check it out. The SBNation dedicated scoreboard can be found at the easy-to-remember link You can go to the main scoreboard page to see scores for all sports, or drill down to the sport level and keep tabs on Saturday's CFB action via the College Football Scoreboard.

If you *have to* watch something UB for the open thread the Volleyball team is taking on Akron and it's being live streamed by UB.

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Week 6 (Weeknight) TV LineTHURSDAY, OCTOBER 3rd

Texas at Iowa State Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium
UT -8 (56.5) 7:30 PM
UCLA at Utah Channel_fox_sports_1_medium UCLA -5.5 (60.5) 10:00 PM
BYU at Utah State USU -6 (58) 8:00 PM
Nevada at San Diego State SDSU -5.5 (56.5) 9:00 PM