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New Football Statistic - The Mack Number

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing can put a dent in a pass rushers numbers like being constantly triple teamed. Just look at what the Western Michigan Bronco's were reduced to when facing Khalil Mack.


The Bronco's were consistently assigning two players to Mack, when PJ Fleck got really frisky they threw a third player up against UB's best defensive player. Even then Mack put one on the ground, shoved another five yards the stat sheet says bunk. But the devastation on Mack's side of the line opened things up for Colby Way to get three sacks and a player of the week award from the conference.

Such attention is hardly fair for Mack who is chasing down NCAA records for forced fumbles and Tackles for loss.

So my new stat would be calculated as follows

Plays Double Teams + (1.5 * Plays Triple Teamed)

Total Plays

So a player double teamed 30% of his plays and triple teamed 10% more would have a MACK ratio of 0.45.