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Friday Afternoon Stock Report for Buffalo


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Danny White White had to deal with a bunch of whining fans after the Quinn extension was released but since then Buffalo is crushing low end competition. Combine that with more than 60,000 in "official" attendance so far this season and UB's AD is sitting pretty.
Devin Campbell He's not Dri Archer but the Buffalo Sophomore is starting to take on the role of Dynamic do everything weapon. Need someone to run? To take a pass, to return a kickoff?
Jeff Quinn I'm not quite ready to jump on the Quinn bandwagon but I would appreciate it if someone there would save me a seat. It's sometimes healthy to question your own understanding and maybe, just maybe, Quinn really did have a big rebuilding project when he took over Buffalo.
Lou Tepper Conrad can speak better of this than I can but it looks like UB's scheme on defense has changed a lot since the first two games of the season. More Pressure, tighter coverage, and a ton of take aways are the result.
Team Bahavior The dust up against EMU is somewhat understandable but not at all acceptable. Buffalo was winning big and that's not a time to let the other guys get an emotional boost.
James Potts Potts has all the potential in the world but seven carries for seven yards in garbage time is not going to inspire the coaches to put the ball in his hands more often.