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Buffalo Bulls Record Book Watch

Who is going to move up and down this week?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo is heading to Kalamazoo in search of their first ever MAC West road win. The team that stands in their way has had trouble stopping the run. In fact the Broncos are ranked 120th among FBS teams at slowing down the run. This might mean Oliver climbs a bit in the books.

Here some of the players who might move up in the UB record books this Saturday.

Career Yards
1 James Starks (2006-08) 3140
2 Anthony Swan (1994-97) 3103
3 Alan Bell (1989-92) 3022
4 Branden Oliver (2010- ) 2859
5 O.D. Underwood (1986-87) 2062

1. Branden Oliver:

Oliver is coming back to form at just the right time. UB has two losses that they probably lose if BO is healthy or not. They survived the Stony Brook game despite missing him and now he is peaking in conference play.

Oliver might catch Alan Bell for #3 all time if he breaks a couple this weekend. If here were to get the 163 yards needed to pass Bell he would also break his tie with Anthony Swan for the most 100 yard games by a UB running back.

James Stars all time record is looking very vulnerable within a few games should BO stay healthy.

Sacks 1982-present 
1 Rich Dadabo (1989-92) 24
1 Vince Canosa (1992-95) 24
3 Khalil Mack (2010- ) 22
4 Trevor Scott (2004-07) 19

2. Khalil Mack.

Despite being a generally unproductive offense the Bronco's are doing a decent job protecting their quarterback. Their line is ranked 30th in the nation at keeping their signal caller upright, only allowing 1.33 per game.

They also may be going with their freshman backup who is rather mobile. Getting the two sacks he needs to tie Dadabo and Canosa would be a challenge for the future first rounder but it is not ridiculous to think that he may get it done.

He also can move up quite a bit in the over all NCAA tackles for loss category. He is still 12.5 behind Western Michigan's Jason Babin but two and a half tackles for loss would move Mack to #5 all time.

Passes Defended (Int + PBK)
1 Gemara Williams (2002-05) 39
2 Mark Graham (2000-03) 37
3 Domonic Cook (2007-10) 36
4 Najja Johnson (2010- ) 34
5 Mike Newton (2006-09) 32

3. Najja Johnson

Johnson and the entire defensive backfield have benefited from the pressure that the front six of seven players have been putting on opposing quarterbacks.

Johnson has climbed to number four all time in passes defended. Gemara Williams all time record might be safe for the season but Domonic Cook and Mark Graham nay fall before the year is over.

Two passes defended this week puts Johnson at #3 along with cook.

4. Alex Neutz

Where's Neutz?

Alex sitting alone in a gap between the middle tier receivers and the best of all time. In a few games he will be challenging guys like Brett Hamiline, Naaman Roosevelt, and Drew Haddad.