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Post game Meal

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports


"You're On Fire Wings"  Wings cause Buffalo. Orange cause HCPP used to coach at Syracuse. Chicken cause he coached scared and Habanero cause he got fired.

As good as it feels to dominate UConn, Warde has the ammunition he needs to start fresh in Storrs. Buffalo has the ammunition and the contract to stay the course. The last time Warde fired someone midseason, he hired Turner Gill and 3 seasons later Buffalo was raising hardware.


Flaming Dr. Pepper. Saturday's win burned a lot of bad memories away. That 70-13 loss to Baylor, that poor showing vs Stony Brook. People using Black jerseys to complain about tradition, Buffalo and hashtags. If you are a long time Bulls fan, it kinda burns away "The Suffering" the back-to-back shutouts suffered at the hands of UConn in 2004-05. It kinda burns away the shame of UConn, USF and Temple going Big East while we were stuck in the MAC. It kinda burns away no non MAC FBS wins since 2009 and kinda burns away no AQ wins since 2002.

Postgame Song:

Is it the New York on the front of the jersey? Or the sweet feeling of beating the tar out of a team? I'm walking pretty tall right now. Syracuse you want some? Pitt? I want all ya'll! Temple? You don't want this noise, don't even send us Temple, give us Fordham and we'll beat them on dat transitive property.

Imagine how Quinn & ADDW feel. In the battle of the hotseat, two coaches entered guns drawn, one exited in slow motion while the building exploded behind him, leaving the charred dead remains of Paul Pasqualoni's attempt to go home. Never go home, you can't.

This one goes out to Quinn, many men (including yours truly) wished death 'pon him and he responded. So I will continue to wish death 'pon him on the assumption he only works on negative reinforcement. (FIRE QUINN)

That said, a bigger bad awaits, Ron English and PJ "rowboat" Fleck star in: Battle of the Hotseat 2: Directional Boogaloo

10 Factors to decide the game

1) UB Offense vs UConn Defense

Pregame: Balance is key, 100 yards from Neutz, 100 yards from BO.

Postgame: Neutz was quiet again with 2 catches for 76 yards and a TD. BO was semi-Boish with 23 carries for 90 yards. No one on offense set the world on fire, but no one needed to, UB won by letting the defense take over..

Winner: New York

2) House Protection Index:

UB's unlikely hero was Adam Redden FROM my great hometown of Amherst, NY. Like any good NYer, Redden must hate New England, as his two biggest plays to date have come against UMass and UConn.

Redden sparked UB's rout with a strip sack and recovery to set UB up for their first TD early in the first quarter. Najja Johnson later added a pick 6, and then the defense held the Huskies to 12 points, with little offensive help, UB could have won this game 14-12.

The book on UB is stop Neutz, stop Mack. Our season will be about the statement our secondary players make (I.E. TE's, non-Neutz WRs and non-Mack LBs). We will need more plays like this from Redden.

UConn's best player was Geremy Davis, with 5 receptions for 102 yards. 46% of UConn's offensive output. Davis hails from the Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville, Georgia

Winner: New York

3) UB Defense vs UConn Offense

Pregame: Same story as all, we could get to UConn's QB IF and only if we send the pressure. Will we?

Postgame: Khalil Mack recorded one sack, but Beau Bachtelle and Adam Redden each nabbed 2. This is important as both usually line up to the opposite side as Mack. If a team doubles Mack, these guys have to make them pay and they did on Saturday.

Winner:  New York

4) X-Factor

Buffalo: Tyler Grassman had 8 kickoffs, 6 were touchbacks, 2 out of bounds, 0 kicks required to be covered. In the past, UB would have a great start and then give up a big kick return TD to kill the momentum, not this time.

UConn: Ex-Factor Associate Head Coach and OL coach George DeLeone graduated UConn 15 years before I was born and knows more about UConn and football than probably most, but he couldn't break a solid football law....QB sacks = fired OL coach. UConn allowed 52 sacks in the final 16 games of the DeLeone era.

Winner:  New York

5) Tweet of the week


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p>Awesome <a href=";src=hash">#UBBulls</a> game. Someone must have called the SPCA because those huskies were locked up!</p>&mdash; Bradley Gelber (@BradleyGelber) <a href="">September 28, 2013</a></blockquote>


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Top <a href="">@UConnFootball</a> booster on Pasqualoni&#39;s woes &amp; ultimate firing: I told you so <a href=""></a> <a href=";src=hash">#UConn</a> <a href=";src=hash">#UConnFootball</a></p>&mdash; Neil Vigdor (@gettinviggy) <a href="">October 1, 2013</a></blockquote>

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Winner: UConn, that booster did tell them, and I thought he was a dope for threatening to take his money back, but he didn't take the money back and he was right, so he wins.

6) US News & World Report Ranking

Buffalo: 109

Connecticut: 57

Advantage: UConn, if you think those things matter...

7) Goin' Streaking:

The "We Moved up to FBS, but our Game Stayed FCS" Trophy: UConn holds 16-5 series lead

Buffalo vs UConn: 1 consecutive win

Buffalo: 1-0 all time vs the AAC

Buffalo at Home: 4 consecutive wins

Since October 30, 2010: UB is 8-9 at home and outscored opponents 426-391.

UConn: 4-4 against the MAC in the last 4 years, including one loss to a MAC School each year.

Buffalo has won 5 of their last 8 games: The last time that happened was October 10, 2009 starting with a win over Gardner-Webb and ending September 2, 2010 with a win over Rhode Island.

Advantage: New York

Overall winner:

Postgame: New York 5-2 New York over Connecticut the way it should be.