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Final Blog Poll Ballot - Thanks for Nothin' Notre Dame

Final Blog Poll Ballot - Thanks for Nothin' Notre Dame

Meet the new boss, Same as the old..

Well watching Notre Dame get humiliated on the big stage was a very disappointing way to end a pretty sad Bowl season for me.

It's not that I expected the Irish to win but I had hope they would show up and give Alabama a game, maybe cover but that ESS-EEE-SEE is still a cut above the rest it seems.

Six SEC teams landed in my top 25 and Vandy, that's right *VANDY* was sitting somewhere just outside the pack.

I wonder if they would have done the same thing to Ohio? Probably...

On the other hand

For all the haters who complained about NIU I have to ask... Was NIU more or less outmatched in their game than Notre Dame was last night.

Like Notre Dame I think NIU just came out flat against a team that would have beat them anyway. Maybe it was stage fright or maybe the Huskies just bought into the hype that they did not deserve to be there.

Whatever the case it was not NIU's finest game and they needed to play their best to even be in the game.

Around the MAC

NIU is all that is ranked because, well, the MAC had a hard go of it this season.

Because NIU got bumped up to the BCS Bowls every MAC team got bumpd up and it showed.

Kent State Golden flashes... Oh Kent how could you lose to Arkansas State that game when Hazel stuck around to coach it. A win would have put you in the final 25.

Toledo Rockets... Lost their best defensive player on the opening kickoff and lost their best running back a short while later. They hung around but collapsed late.

Bowling Green Falcons... Almost scored the upset of #22 San Jose State but their defense failed them late.

Ohio Bobcats... Made up for their post season collapse with a dominating Bowl, securing the MAC's second win

Ball State Cardinals... Looked like UCF was reading their playbook. It was one of the worst coached games Lembo ever put up.

Central Michigan... For a team that just snuck into the bowl because of post season bans (Penn State, Ohio State) and awful administrative gambles (Louisiana Tech) CMU played great in the Little Ceasaers Bowl, Knocking off WKU to get the MAC's first win of the season.