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Talking Bull - Division Names and Class Pictures

So the Big Ten may change their division name, you think you're getting off that easy?

Sorry Big Ten, It's too late

Remember that awful haircut you received in the second grade? You know the one. Money was tight so mom got out the bowl and the old clippers and while she sure saved a few dollars you thought your scalp would never be the same.

You were teased, taunted, and harassed by everyone even the nerds and wimps. Like a good soldier you tried to pretend it did not bother you, even made a few jokes at your own expense. Eventually however the laughter got to you and you decided to throw on a cap.

Guess what, it was picture day and while your hair might grown back the shame lives on forever.

No you never get to forget that haircut and the Big Ten will never forget their division names.

Big Ten to consider renaming Legends, Leaders divisions, Jim Delany says - ESPN
With Maryland leaving the ACC and Rutgers leaving the Big East, it gives the Big Ten a chance to revisit the division names and make up of the divisions.

Oh they can change them but they will never live down "Legends and Leaders"

Here is an idea... Go with East and West.... PSU, Rutgers, Maryland, OSU, MSU, Michigan, and Purdue in the East... Everyone else in the West!

Speaking of things that can't be salvaged..

R.I.P. WAC football, 1962-2012: The conference that went down swinging -
WACkness was brief and beautiful, but it died as it lived: crazy, good, crazy good, and yet almost completely unnoticed. You'll be missed - if only we'd paid attention while we still had you.

The WAC was great in it's day and this is a good post motrum.

Bowls are salvageable, if you're careful.

I for one think there are not too many Bowls, the ones that matter are great and the ones that don't provide practice and fun for other teams. Can these also ran bowls be saved?

College football playoffs: How bowls like the Music City can survive -
Kill the mandatory ticket allotment. It's one of the blackest eyes for bowl PR, and its removal would help smaller schools actually afford these events. The Independence Bowl states that the participating SEC school must sell 10,000 tickets, but when ULM replaced the SEC this year, the bowl was freed of that agreement and raised the allotment to 15,000, a number the Warhawks didn't hit and thus lost money on.

There are some other good suggestions here as well.

Around Buffalo

The Bills are close to a complete staff

Bills Coaching Staff Rumors: Tyrone Wheatley, Chuck Driesbach Reportedly Hired - Buffalo Rumblings
Reports indicate that the Buffalo Bills could officially announce their entire coaching staff as soon as Monday. Who are the latest names on the rumor mill?

The Sabres have their complete shortened schedule

NHLPA Ratifies CBA, 2013 Buffalo Sabres Schedule Released - Die By The Blade
The NHL schedule has been set, and John Vogl of the Buffalo News has posted it on the Sabres Edge blog. Here's the Sabres schedule for the 2013 season, home opponents listed in caps.