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AfterThoughts: Nothing Fancy: UB Bulls - 56 Morgan State Bears - 34

This week you not going to find any fancy tables with stats. Or pictures for that matter (chances are nobody is going to have a picture for what I liked best about this game) What your going to get is an honest to goodness breakdown of The University at Buffalo's victory over the Morgan State Bears. No fanciness required...

1st Quarter

After a penalty riddled beginning to the first half, and a UB drive hampered by penalty and forced to punt, Morgan State went on a 9 play, 31 yard drive, resulting in a field goal by Earvin Gonzalez. UB answered back with a 9 play, 75 yard drive of their own, resulting in Branden Oliver's 1 yard touchdown run. After a Morgan St punt, again UB drove the field in 4 plays, getting 42 yards from BO on two plays, finally setting up a Zordich to Gordon 18 yard TD Pass. End of Quarter: UB-14 Morgan State-3

2nd Quarter

After a 25 yard return out to their 29, Morgan St. went on a 15 play, 67 yard drive resulting in their second Gonzalez field goal of the night. After a short kickoff, UB started at their own 38. After 3 BO runs, Zordich found Dennison with a 26 yard pass to the 3. On the next play, BO scores for the second time of the night, on a 3 yard TD run. However, Morgan State answered with a long drive of their own, finally scoring on a 38 yard touchdown run by Travis Davidson. On the next procession, UB answers quickly in 4 plays, ending with Alex Neutz's first TD grab of the night from Zordich. After Morgan State cannot move the ball on their next possession, and UB utilizes their 3 timeouts of the half, UB gets the ball back, and 3 plays and 15 seconds later, Zordich finds Neutz again for his second TD of the night. UB - 35 Morgan St - 13

3rd Quarter

Morgan States first possession of the half ends in a punt. UB takes the ball on a 10 play, 72 yard drive ending in once again Zordich to Neutz for a touchdown. Morgan State answered right back with a Robert Council to Andrew King 44 yard touchdown throw. After Zordich turns the ball over with his only interception of the night, Morgan State is unable to move the ball resulting in a punt, after three BO runs, Joe Licata finds Neutz in the corner of the end zone for yet another UB touchdown. After a 66 yard kickoff return by Chris Flowers, Morgan State finds the end zone again on a 5 yard, Brian Mann Touchdown run. On the ensuing possession, after Bo for 34 yards, James Potts see's his first career touchdown with a 49 yard touchdown run. UB - 56 Morgan St - 27

4th Quarter

Morgan State goes on a 16 play, 55 yard, time consuming drive that ends with a missed field goal. UB relying heavily on depth players at this point in the game, 3 and outs, allowing Morgan State to march the field in 9 plays to score on a Council to Davidson 21 yard touchdown throw. UB runs out the clock to end the game. UB - 56 Morgan St - 34


Alex Zordich - 16 of 27 for 237 yards. 4 TDs/1 INT

Brenden Oliver - 238 yards on 25 carries/ 9.5 yards per carry/ 2 TD

Alex Neutz - 8 receptions for 154 yard/ 4 TDs

James Potts - 49 yard TD run

Jimmy Gordon - 1 TD

Joe Licata - 1 TD pass/ 71 yards on 4 Kickoff Returns

Patrick Clarke - 8 for 8 on PATs

Jake Stockman & Witney Sherry-10 tackles each

Steven Means - 9 tackles/1.5 sacks

Khalil Mack - 8 tackles/1.5 sacks/ 3.5 TFL

Colby Way-5 tackles/1 sack/2TFL



-What am I going to possibly say about Zordich. Efficient sounds about right. Some really nice frozen ropes thrown hitting guys in stride. A few nice "jump balls" 4 touchdowns, 1 pick let in the game forcing a play. Just efficient and in total command of the offense. The "jump ball" Licata threw was nice as well.

-Take a moment. Just sit there and watch. Watch BO in traffic. Its a thing of beauty. A sidestep, a shuffle, a burst, a shoulder to the defenders chest. It remarkable seeing him go into a mass of humanity, watch how he navigates it, and comes out the other side. Just watch sometime, go ahead, treat yourself. Somebody please tell me that actually happened to Potts. Just, huh?

-I know UB needs another receiver to step up. But when you have Neutz out there, is there anything he can't catch? The concentration he possesses is amazing.

-The Oline kept Zordich clean, and sprung the running backs for 306 yards.


-34 points? Really. Yes, players got some nice individual stats. Just the missed tackles and the blown plays (maybe Morgan State's #11 is hard to see out there, I don't know). The defense wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. It was just,....there. Will need a significantly better performance in 11 days. Nice to see Khalil back. Sherry and Stockman quietly had very nice games defensively.


-I know Grassman is a freshman, and his leg is developing. I hope the special teams coaching staff realize that there coverage teams are charging downfield and the ball is landing behind half of them.

-COVER THE DAMN KICK, its all I gotta say.