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Talking Bull: Awwww Not this again!

No thanks were good for now

So App State is one of those programs that want's into FBS, personally I'm really hoping the MAC avoids going that far south.

AppStateNation | The Unofficial Appalachian State Athletics Blog " CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT: MAC Commissioner Talks Expansion
The only way the Sun Belt expands – is if they get raided by C-USA. The only way C-USA raids the Sun Belt – is if they get raided by the Big East…and the Big East is probably not going to do that. BYU/Air Force/Army are their likely targets for their 1 spot left. In fact, if the Big East raids anybody it will be the MAC itself – Ohio or UMass.

I mean no disrespect to App State. Move them a few hundred miles north, and locate their campus somewhere other than the middle of nowhere and they could be a fine addition to the conference. But they do not bring enough to warrant such an out of place school (football only or otherwise).

It's ok to speak your mind, just don't be out of your mind before you open your mouth.

Allen Pinkett suspended 3 games by Notre Dame Fighting Irish radio network - ESPN
"I've always felt like to have a successful team you've got to have a few bad citizens on the team," he told WSCR-AM 670 last Wednesday. Pinkett didn't immediately back off his comments when given a chance later in the interview. "I absolutely meant that," he said.

He then realized his tail was on the line and tried to walk it back a bit... Too late.

Missouri Starting the SEC smack

Georgia Plays 'Old Man' Football: But What Is Old Man Football? - From Our Editors -
Missouri defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson described watching upcoming opponent Georgia play as, "like watching Big Ten football. It's old man football." It made for the first trash-talking of the year, other than that stuff Kentucky and Louisville players are doing at all hours no matter the month, and has spiced up what was already one of the biggest games in Mizzou's history and perhaps the biggest of Georgia's season.

Yea Missouri we know you're really, really eager to fit in and all but you might want to avoid calling out Georgia *before* you beat them.

Wolverine Tears are not bitter, they are quite sweet!

This Week In Schadenfreude: Michigan Throws Itself In The Wood Chipper -
I could probably do this entire column just on Michigan after they took a 41-14 thrashing from Alabama and lost starting corner Blake Countess for the year with an ACL tear. Before we get to the Countess thing, we have to deal with something else: me.

MAC Power Rankings from "The Belt"

MAC Power Rankings: Week 1 - Hustle Belt
Suspend your top defensive player and allow 45 points to Georgia. Sure. But the offense mustered 23 points of their own. Alex Zordich looked excellent. I'm not calling them another MAC East contender yet, but might this team finally put up a high-scoring fight?