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Depth Chartin': Buffalo Bulls Depth Chart Week 2

He's baaaaaack via <a href=""></a>
He's baaaaaack via

Offense 1 2
WR Alex Neutz Devon Hughes
LT Andre Davis Pat Wilson
LG Jansen Carlson Bob Blogdett
C Trevor Sales Gabriel Barbe
RG Graham Whinery Dillon Guy
RT Gokhan Ozkan Jake Silas
TE Gordon - Dennison Reeder
QB Alex Zordich Joe Licata
RB Branden Oliver Murie - Potts
FB Boomer Brock Rashad Jean
WR Cordeo Dixon Ron Willoughby
WR Fred Lee John Dunmore
Defense 1 2
DE Steven Means Beau Bachtelle
NG Cahill - Sokoli
DE Colby Way Dale Barksdale
OLB Khalil Mack Willie Mosely
ILB Stockman - Pettigrew
ILB Lee Skinner Khari Brown
OLB Isaac Baugh Chatman - Wallace
CB Najja Johnson Carlos Lammons
SS Okoye Houston Adam Redden
FS Witney Sherry Minniefield / Brim
CB Cortney Lester Maqus Baker

And in the second Week Director White ended the suspension of Khalil Mack, and lo it was good for order was restored among the many linebacker.

Khalil Mack came back and things on the two deep now come much closer to what was expected before the august drama played out.

This will be the first game where Buffalo defensive coordinator Lou Tepper has his entire set of linebackers. Tepper who came up as a linebacker coach will no doubt make good use use of Mack.

Mack will be on the left side and Lee Skinner moved to the right inside linebacker slot.

The other inside linebacker is going to be manned by Jake Stockman or Scott Pettigrew.

Elsewhere in the defense Johnson and Lester switched sides at the corner.

Other than that the defense is pretty much set as is.

Offensively the changes are even fewer.

James Gordon and Alex Dennison are still splitting duty at tight end but this week Jake Reeder is "officially" the second line tight end.

Ron Willoughby is no loger splitting time with Dixon at wideout. Willoughby is now the second line receiver.

If this game plays out like it should, and like the FCS contests have played out under Jeff Quinn then you sill see a lot of the second line guys like Potts, Willoughby, and Redden.