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Know your foe: Morgan State's Wideouts, Tight Ends, and DB's

Lamont Bryant was a key part of Morgan State's passing game, now he's gone via <a href=""></a>
Lamont Bryant was a key part of Morgan State's passing game, now he's gone via

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

Morgan State is working with a Sophomore Quarterback, a youg set of receivers, a gaping hole at tight end, and some great running backs. This all adds up to a pretty run heavy team. Last week they ran the ball 43 times to just 31 throws. When they can they will give the ball to Travis Davidson and let it ride.

But they do have some threats on the outside and a couple of unknowns at tight end.

Their main receiving threat could be Andrew King who did nothing but run last season. King hauled in five receptions for 61 yards last week. Right now he is the seventh ranked receiver in the MEAC.

He is complimented by Chris Flowers who brought in 4 receptions for 40 yards.

Jorge Young seems to be the man who looks to fill the void left by Lamont Bryant and he did alright dipping his toes in the water last week. Young, a senior, tallied 19 yards on two receptions.

Defensive Backfield (After the jump)

The defensive backfield is another story. The bears have a lot of big play potential sitting in their secondary. Corner backs Joe Rankin and Kenneth Riddley each had an interception last week, Ranklin took his back for 72 yards and a touchdown.

Riddley also had eight tackles to Ranklins 6.

UB Quarterback Alex Zordich escaped from Georgia with a clean slate of one touchdown to zero interceptions. He'll have to mind these corner backs if he wants to keep his perfect record going.

If the game gets out of hand it's likely UB will play Licata a bit and the freshman will also have to contend with Morgan State's duo.