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Bull Run Blog Poll Ballot: week 1

You're a top ten team! act like it!

If you're going to be ranked in the top ten please pretend you care.

Thank you to USC and Alabama for making the picks for #1 and #2 easy. While most of your top ten brethren were struggling to win in week one you pulled out the beating stick and got down to business.

Bama destroyed Michigan who was either over hyped and in for a long season or just decided tyring to beat the Tide was not woth it.

USC beat a far less imposing Hawaii team but looked solid doing it.

LSU handled North Texas, so hats off to them and West Virginia destroyed Marshall. And Florida state obliterated Murray.

Aside from that things are not really so clear.

Oregon Ducked their responsibility to play big and gave up 34 points to Arkansas... Arkansas State.

Georgia Made Buffalo look great in Quarters 1, 2, and 4.

Michigan State put up just 17 on Boise and were losing late.

Oklahoma sared just 24 against UTEP! What will the Big 12 defenses do when you get to them.

Non Power Conf Members

UConn sneaks in after destroying UMass in the Minutemen's FBS opener.

Louisiana Tech's rainout keeps them right where they are but their fellow statesmen at Louisiana Lafayette earned a spot with their drubbing of Lamar.

Ohio knocked off a slightly depleted Penn State to move up a couple of spots while UCF was destroying Akron to climb even higher.