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Talking Bull: UConn Media Temper-tantrum

How DARE that ball not obey the will of mighty UConn
How DARE that ball not obey the will of mighty UConn

Just who do you think you are UConn

The loss to Western Michigan is not sitting too well with UConn fans, and even worse with certain reporters.

UConn Loses Mistake-Filled Game At Western Michigan -
Former coach Randy Edsall killed the series with Navy. Hated that triple-option Paul Johnson ran. TCU joined the Big East and the bolted the Big East. There were holes in the UConn football schedule that needed to be filled. The way it was explained to me is the home-and-home series with Western Michigan wasn't made until late 2010 or early 2011. It happened late. So it would be bad enough for quarterback Alex Carder to pick apart the Huskies for 479 yards and five touchdowns in the Broncos' win at Rentschler Field in 2011, now having to play a MAC school at a MAC campus is nearly always a bad proposition for a BCS school. I'm sorry. You just shouldn't play this game.

I have a news flash for Jeff Jacobs.

On a scale from 1-10 where 1 is the worst profile football conference in the nation and 10 is the SEC you guys, that is the Big East, sit at about a 4, three and half once you finish picking up CUSA leftovers. The MAC is 2.5 or three. The ACC is about a 7. And there is a huge open game covering five and six which is where you used to sit.

Basketball is where the Big East excels and if someone want to say that your hoops teams should not be taking road trips to risky mid majors I'll grant that you have the clout to back that up.

But in football you're neither good enough, nor rich enough, to merit such an attitude. For Pete's sake the Huskies lost to WMU and USF lost to Ball State on the same day, that should tell you something. Heck this WMU team beat UConn like drum last season, in your own building.

UConn is not the best team WMU plays this season, heck they are not even the best team names "Huskies" that WMU will play this season. Buffalo is in the same position. I think, if healthy, we have a far better shot at winning there than we do when the Bulls have to travel to Dekalb.

Welcome to the big wonderful world of the "Have Nots". You should be familiar with it because, well, more than half your conference members were have not's in the relatively recent past. You're a Hodgepodge of recent FCS upgrades (UConn, Rutgers, South Florida), former teams you hated (Temple), Teams you kidnapped from Conference USA (Cincinnati, Louisville), and Storied teams looking for the door (Pitt, Syracuse).

To top it all off your football members are constantly bullied by the basketball only members. That's why the power five conferences have ripped ripped your seat at the table away. You are no longer an AQ conference, no matter how many teams like Boise you bring in to try and look like one.

There is a lot to like about the Big East, Hoops, markets, and other non revenue sports are solid. The institutions, fans, and media need to come to grips with the fact that being basketball royalty does not mean squat when it comes to football.

In short, get over yourselves. SEC and Big10 teams are paying mid majors upwards of a million dollars for one and done games. Your football program does not justify the kind of revenue to make that happen. So sit down, shut up, and get used to 1:1 with mid major teams, because you're pretty much one of them.

Lane Kiffin has some splanin' to do

USC Trojans coach Lane Kiffin explains media dust-ups to Pac-12 leader Larry Scott - ESPN Los Angeles
"He knew I was concerned about what I was seeing and hearing and that there was some tension and frustration between the press and some of our coaches," Scott said Saturday, speaking at halftime of the USC-Cal game at L.A. Memorial Coliseum. "He called to make sure I was aware ... he wanted me to hear his point of view and explain to me what's happened here."

What happened is that someone spit in Little Kiffy Boo-Boo's special hair gel and he couldn't take it.

Buffalo football

UB still sorting out injury toll - Sports - The Buffalo News
UB announced via email Thursday that updates on injured players would not be available until at least today. What those tests reveal will have a potentially huge impact on the remainder of the season. Starters lost during the course of the Bulls' 23-7 Mid-American Conference defeat were workhorse running back Branden Oliver, defensive end Steven Means, wideout Fred Lee and safety/linebacker Issac Baugh.

It’s time for Licata - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
After Wednesday night’s embarrassment and sloppy passing attack by Zordich, I have joined "Team Licata." I feel as though a talented arm could bring much success to an offense that already has a leading rusher in Oliver – though we don’t yet know how long he’ll be out – and two solid back-ups.

Don’t bench Zordich yet - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
Zordich has been highly acclaimed at UB since starting for the Bulls as a true freshman in 2010 – the first true freshman to start since Drew Willy did so in 2005 (Willy led the Bulls to their first Mid-American Conference Championship in 2008).