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A sneak peak at the new Bull Run

Well you've already seen Bull Run's new face, now its time to get a quick peak at the rest of the changes. You see SBNation united was more than a site layout it is a conceptual change in how the sites are managed and how they will relate to each other.


The work is in the very late beta phase and most of it's hush hush stuff but here are the things we can tell you. I've borrowed very heavily from Buffalo Rumblings here so lets all be good citizens and check out their site.

  • One of the biggest aims of United: faster load times. You'll be able to do the same things you've always done here at a faster pace thanks to some re-organization and better product design.
  • Covers will be the most prominent new feature. We'll now have important stories pinned to the top of our page so that you're not missing the big discussions while other content is pouring in. Take a look at the below screenshot of what Bull Run might look like.


Pretty snazzy right?

This is one of a half dozen or so different cover layouts available to managers. Depending on what's going on. The story placement is also a managed feature that will no long just put the most recent content at the top.

Other features:

  • The "River" - which appears when you scroll down below the cover - is more of what you're already accustomed to: a stream of posts and other community features. This is essentially what the site looks like now, with two forthcoming differences: Conrad and I will be able to control how new content passes through the river (i.e. we can still put prominent stories higher if there is a need), and you'll see a lot more content breadth in this area, including videos and more.
  • The blogs will also be getting StoryStream technology that you've seen on the mother ship. Essentially, this is a post type that will allow you to follow a larger story and comment on its various updates as time progresses. We think you'll enjoy this particular new wrinkle, especially as it relatesto player updates (say Branden Olivers Injury for example).
  • They have also enhanced the mobile version of the sites which I know will please many of you.

I have been getting our feet wet with the new platform for about a week now. I know that change can be scary, but if Buffal fans can weather the past couple of seasons adjusting to the new look and feel of Bull Run should be cake... mmmm cake!