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It's time to signal for help!

Were not sunk yet but we are taking on water!
Were not sunk yet but we are taking on water!

For years ships at sea would hang their colors upside down to signal they were in distress. Of course if you're Poland this might lead to you being mistaken for an Indonesian but for most nations the sight of their flag, upside down is pretty clear.

Make no mistake this football program is in distress! We are not sunk yet but we are taking on water!

Yesterday's loss against Kent was some outlier nor was is some sort of "growing pain". It's the kind of football that UB fans have been watching since 2010. Uncompetitive, uninspired, and ultimately futile attempts to reach the plateau of "mediocre". That's right currently mediocre is out of reach for this football program.

Let's take a look at all of our wins over the past two and a half seasons.

We beat three FCS teams.

Rhode Island was in the process of moving down to the NEC which was a step down because they could not compete in the CAA. We beat Stony Brook which tasted great because of the whole SUNY thing but it was still taking candy from an FCS baby.

This year we beat Morgan State who took a respectable showing against us into Akron and got thwamped by the zips!

We beat Akron (2011)

Of course the zips were 0-11 against Division IA teams last season. Heck Their win over an FCS team was not that impressive. It should also be noted that the year before the Zips had just one FBS win, which was of course over Buffalo.

We beat Bowling Green (2010)

Bowling Green had us dead to rights after a last second fumble that put them in position for a win. Thankfully their Kicker failed to connect.

We beat Ohio (2011)

This was a good win, the only good win that Coach Quinn has ever managed. What many don't remember is that the Bobcats were a walking MASH unit in that game. Their depth on the defensive line was gone and they fell flat.

Of course last season we had our share of close losses and that started to give fans a sense that maybe the worst was behind us. Yet here we are. Not only another home Loss to a MAC team but an awful home loss to a mediocre MAC team.

The shame of it all is that I really like Coach Quinn. He does have a fire in him that you have to respect and he is doing at least as good a job recruiting as Turner Gill ever did.

It looked like he had learned his lesson with play calling when he moved further and further away from his Brian Kelly-esq offense into more of a run to set up the pass offense. And like a rube I thought that five or six wins could happen this season.

Quinn has some of the best individual players in the conference but Buffalo, even healthy, was considered by many to be out of the running for a division title before the season even started.

After this season Quinn still has two years left on his contract, years Buffalo has to pay him for if they do replace him. Call it "Manuel's Mistake" or "Warde's Whoopise". The question is how long will new athletic director white suffer this kind of performance?

Quinn can turn it around, win some games but history has shown us what happens when UB loses one or tow players. When Matt Ostrowski was lost in 2010 the offense disappeared and when Alex Neutz broke his hand in 2011 the passing game imploded.

So, if Oliver is lost for any stretch of time how does Quinn play it? Does Buffalo keep trying to implement a high octane pace in an offense that can't handle it? Do the Bulls stick with the same four or five plays they tried last night.

Something big has to happen because no matter how likable Coach Quinn is these past two seasons and games like the one we played on ESPNU are starting to drive people away.

The die hards are not going anywhere. I started this site on my own time back in the summer of 2009 and I'll keep it going until my real life gets in the way. No matter how bad UB football gets I will cheer for them, because I am a Buffalo alumni and the UB Fan base are some of the best and most faithful you'll ever meet.

But if Director White wants to fulfill his vision of Putting Buffalo athletics in place as the third leg of Buffalo Sports these gutter games have to stop.